BBMX Team Looking for New Semi Driver


The BBMX team is looking for a transport driver for the 2008 SX & MX season for their new semi.  If you, or if you know someone, who might be ready to hit the road with the big time and drive one of the top semi's on the SX & MX tour, then listen up cause here is your chance:

The following is from BBMX team owner Forrest Butler:

Driver must hold a CDL license and must have at least 3 years driving experience on a CDL for insurance purposes, along with a clean record.  Anyone interested in the job, please e-mail me directly at with the following information:

Contact #:
Date of Birth:
Drivers license #:
State drivers license is held in:
A brief description of the types of driving jobs priorly held and if you have had any experience driving for SX or MX race teams in the past:

Please e-mail me with the above information requested first, as I must see if your experience and driving record are eligible for our insurance program before I can move any further into the interview process.  Serious inquiries only please and time is of the essence as our semi's need to pull out of FL on Monday Dec. 31st at the latest to get out to Anaheim on time.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


Forrest Butler
Butler Brothers Mx