It's a Boy!! Tanel Leok Enters Fatherhood


Tanel Leok, known throughout the motocross world for his inscrutable nature and his fearless charges around the roughest motocross tracks imaginable, was bursting with pride earlier this week when he announced the birth of his son, Sebastian, in Estonia on the 3rd of December. Tanel's girlfriend, Karoliina Karu, went into labour late on Monday evening, and after an uneventful birth, the newest member of the Leok clan made his presence known. Both mother and baby are fine, and the youngster weighed in at a whopping 4.3 kilograms.

Tanel was grinning from ear to ear after this landmark event, but would not be drawn into any speculation on whether the youngster had a motocross career ahead of him. After a rollercoaster year, the Estonian Express can look back with some satisfaction at the latter part of 2007. After finishing eighth in the motocross world championships, he clinched the Dutch title in the MX1 class, and now, with Christmas around the corner, the greatest celebration of all with the birth of his first progeny. 

Mom and dad reflecting on the upcoming birth!
Photo courtesy of Leok