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November 30, 2007 5:19am | by:

 I was wondering what you thought of "The Rock" laying the wood to Emig and Huffman while riding an out dated two stroke at the U.S. Open?, and If I remember right those boys in Alaska handicapped you with an out dated two stroke ( a 125 no less) when on assignment and you laid the wood to them as well. Could this mean that real men still do indeed prefer and excel on these machines? Please elaborate.
Still smoking in CT,

Dear Brian,
I was impressed with Mike’s win in Las Vegas. Not only did the guy kick ass on a bike that is widely considered antiquated but he did it with a little bit of winter weight around the mid-section as well. Fro and Huff Daddy are both built like Screech from Saved By the Bell and it was nice for the fat kids to get a win, you know? Now, I don’t want to start  ranting here about the death of two strokes (I’ve done that about a million times) but I will say that we all turned our backs on a bike that was lighter, more reliable, cheaper (to buy and maintain) and made twice the power that a four stroke of equal size can make. You don’t have to be Meriwether Lewis to see that we might have steered a bit off course here. Sure, the thumper is a little easier to ride in certain conditions but The Clapper was the easier way to turn a light on and off and we still figured out that it was lame. Think about it.



Hey Ping.
I`m  a Brit  living and racing the good life down in Florida.
You’re a fashion conscious kind of guy so  my question is,  How come I feel OK wearing my Panthers Hockey jersey to the mall but wouldn`t be seen dead wearing a Motocross shirt “out in public?

If I see someone wearing a race jersey anywhere other than a motocross track it always looks real weird, is it me? or does it just not look cool?  (hey I love these ????)
Maybe I should wear my UFO jersey out in public just to see if people would keep directing me to area 51.

Dave Francis
Very South Florida

Dear Dave,

Okay, we are going to do a virtual makeover here and see if we can’t clear a few things up for you. First, since I know you are British I have to assume that you have a mouth full of half-rotten teeth. Maybe that is a stereotype but it is a stereotype for a reason. So, I suggest you search out and visit a good oral doctor in the area. Next, you should not feel “OK” about wearing your Panthers jersey, or any jersey for that matter, to the mall. The only time you should be putting a hockey jersey on is if you are about to skate out to a face off on center ice. I’m not just picking on Canadians here either because this rule applies to any jersey. Unless you are, in fact, LaDainian Tomlinson you should not be wearing a LaDainian Tomlinson jersey. And, if you aren’t juicing up and knocking 762 homers out of the park then leave your Barry Bonds jersey at home as well. What about wearing your own jersey? Well, unless you are going riding, that is just dumb. Hope this helps, Dave. Cheers, mate.


Dear Ping,
I have not missed a DMXS Radio show in three years and really enjoy their interviews.  I pod cast the shows and listen to them at work the next day and everyone thinks I’m crazy when it seems like I laugh out loud for no reason, but those guys crack me up.  I can’t believe some of the interviews!  The riders really let their guard down and sound like regular people instead of the normal stuff you hear and read.

I also enjoyed when you were in their studio a lot last summer and it seemed like you had a good time.  Since you know them, what are those guys really like?  I briefly met David at Anaheim and he was really nice, but I’m sure there are some good behind the scenes stories.


Amanda Lewis

DMXS Radio's Kevin Kelly (left) and David Izer.

Dear Amanda,
The DMXS guys have certainly carved out a niche for themselves in the motocross industry. Their show is a must-listen for anyone with downloading capabilities. As you said, David and Kevin have a way of getting the guests to be themselves instead of the spiel-reciting, moto-robots that they are on the podium. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most shows start off with a discussion about some type of bodily function. Pooping is usually the topic of choice when I’m on the program but everything from boogers to pee pee has been covered. David Izer, or Puddin’ as I like to call him, is the Superman of moto-radio journalists in the greater Atlanta area. He’s a bail bondsman by day and a mild-mannered show host by evening. He is also a fugitive recovery agent kind of like that Duane “The Dog” Chapman guy on TV only without the ratted blonde hair, the fame and the racist comments. He also married way out of his league and is somehow pulling it off.

Even if you don’t like him…you’ve got to respect him.
His co-host, Kevin Kelly, is another story. The fact that his teeth are too big to fit in his mouth isn’t the only off-putting quirk about him. His regular occupation is posting up at Bremen Raceway in Georgia and working as a bathroom attendant. He sits outside the row of Mexican Space Shuttles in the pit area and hands out Wet Wipes and butterscotch disks in hopes of appealing to people’s sense of pity. Apparently what he makes in tips is more than enough to maintain his standard of living. Despite all this I still like the guy. He can tell a joke with the best of them and his ability to make fart sounds with his mouth puts a smile on the faces of children and little people everywhere. If you aren’t already a fan of the show go to and check it out... It’s entertaining.


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