Toyota AMA AX Interview: Dan Reardon

AURORA, Ill. (Nov. 27, 2007) – Australian Dan Reardon gave fans of the AMA Supercross Series a bit of a preview as to what he has in store for the Lites class this year. Reardon turned in an impressive performance at last weekend’s Toyota AMA Arenacross Series stop at Reno’s Livestock Event Center.

Reardon, who opened Friday night by winning the AMA Arenacross Lites class main event, then stepped up moments later and was vying for the lead in the Arenacross class when he clipped a Tuff Block and went down. Reardon re-grouped and rallied back from the rear of the pack to 4th overall.

The following night in front of a packed house Reardon buckled down and, in only his second race on American soil (the recent Rockstar Energy Drink U.S. Open being the first), swept both the Lites and AMA Arenacross classes – the first time that’s been done this season on the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series tour. Note: Reardon finished 7th/4th in two nights of premier class racing at the Rockstar U.S. Open.

The 2007 Australian Supercross Pro Open champion, Reardon, riding the Honda CRF250R for the SoBe/No Fear/Samsung/Honda team, put the hammer down on Saturday against four former Toyota AMA Arenacross Series champions in Danny Smith, Chad Johnson, Josh Demuth (Friday’s Arenacross class winner) and Robbie Reynard.

Question: First off, congrats on your win last week. That’s huge – sweeping the AMA Arenacross Lites and AMA Arenacross class. Didn’t know if we’d see that happen this year with the change in format, but you proved it can be done.

Reardon: “Thanks. That was lot of fun. Last-minute decision, really. Me and my trainer, Andy Cunningham and my mechanic, ‘Schnikey,’ decided to run up from SoCal. It was definitely worth the trip.”

Question: Growing up and racing in Australia, did you get many chances to race Toyota AMA Arenacross-style events?

Reardon: “The series back home used to be more arenacross-style, up until like the last year and a half. Now things there are being styled more towards the American supercross tracks. So I wasn’t too far out of my comfort zone.”

Question: The competition this year on the Toyota AMA Arenacross Series has been insane – three events, five races, four winners. How was that going in knowing you could line up against a field that included four former Toyota AMA Arenacross Series champions?

Reardon: “I definitely like riding with the best and don’t like going up against riders that make it easy for myself.”

Question: Talk about your weekend of racing in Reno.

Reardon: “I rode well, but unfortunately I had a crash on Friday. I was working to make a pass and hit a Tuff Block. Then I had to come back from like 15th to 4th.

Question: Toyota AMA Arenacross is structured now so it resembles the minor/major league baseball program. Do you feel, based on what you saw at Reno, that this will be a good way to help riders advance in order to race at the AMA Supercross Lites class level?

Reardon : “Yeah, for sure. Arenacross is a perfect stepping stone for the up-and-comers to get some experience. Guys who have raced supercross before as well. But my advice to the younger racers would be to get out and race arenacross for sure.”

Question: That said, you’re about to start your first full season of AMA Supercross. What are your thoughts heading into the season here beginning in Anaheim, Calif., the first weekend in January?

Reardon: “We’re not 100-percent sure yet whether we’ll be racing West or East Lites. But I’m preparing for the first race in Anaheim. It’s definitely realistic for me to make the top five in both supercross and motocross. But at the same time I didn’t come here to get 2nd, you know? So what ever happens happens.

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