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Day 26 + 2 - Ready Racing -

Ready Filter
Ultra performance pre-oiled air filters

Ultra Performance – No compromises!  Ultra Performance airflow and protection.  State of the art 2-stage foam fused with industrial high strength glue.  Ready Filters are dyno tested, race proven, and the choice of top professional riders.

Pretreated – Every Ready Filter is perfectly and evenly treated at the factory with Maxima FFT’s super tacky, micro dust capturing oil while still allowing for maximum horsepower increasing airflow.  Because the ReadyFilter is professionally treated at the factory there is no worrying about dust or dirt getting through un-oiled sections.

Convenience –  Ready to go right out of the box.  Just put it in and ride.  Need we say more? 

• Ultra performance, pre-oiled air filter.
• Race proven by top pro and amateur riders
• No oiling necessary. Just put it in and ride!
• Super high flow dual stage construction
• Disposable gloves included for installation
• Washable-Reusable

Rapid Response Carb Modification

Ready Racing's Rapid Response carb modification (R4) is the true technical fix to 4-stroke throttle hesitation/delay.  R4 is a simple bolt on performance improving product.  R4 replaces your existing standard linkage system with Ready Racing's new patent pending linkage technology.  R4's design eliminates the slack between your throttle system and the accelerator pump.  R4’s linkage piece makes a direct connect that drastically improves throttle performance and creates immediate rapid throttle response eliminating 4-stroke hesitation/bog.
• Immediate response to throttle movement.
• Eliminates delay and bogging.
• Improves low end performance.
• Reduces hot engine stalling.
• Ideal for motocross/supercross style tracks that require precise throttle response.
• Bolt on product that requires no modification.

Precision Stainless Steel Reusable Oil Filter and Cover

• Constructed from Swiss made stainless steel micronic filter cloth
• Filters down to 35 microns
• Cleanable and reusable
• Consistent high flow under all temperature conditions
• Anodized billet filter cover included on popular models
• Outperforms and protects better than standard paper oil filters

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