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Day 28 + 2  Bell Helmets

2008 Bell Moto-8      Motocross/Off-road
It’s a given that we think all our helmets are cool. But when we’re talking about the new Moto-8 and it’s state-of-the-art Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system, we mean cool as in in cool-and-dry and that “is there really something on my head right now?” kinda comfort. Oh sure, its distinctive look, styling and graphics are cool too, but the Moto-8’s not just another pretty facemask. Before the sparkly paint and the sleek lines, its function was designed on the trail, tested in the wind tunnel and proven on the track—over and over until we got it right. Then we worked on the details like the channeled Dri-Lex™ comfort liner, the QuickFlip™ visor screws and lammy suede memory foam pads that conform to your face and head for a custom fit. The result is simply the coolest helmet ever.

COLORS: Wey Replica, Yamaha of Troy Replica, McGrath Replica, Manic, Black/Silver Holeshot, Blue/Silver Holeshot, Black/White Fuego, Orange/Pewter Fuego, Razor Wing Red, Razor Wing Green, Solid Matte Black, Solid White


WEIGHT: 1350 grams


MSRP: McGrath/Wey/YOT Replica, Manic Graphic $399.95; Holeshot/Fuego/Razor Wing Graphic $375.95; Matte Black and White Solid $350.95

- New, updated padding for an enhanced fit
- Super lightweight Kevlar®/Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass TriMatrix Composite Chell
- Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor™ with air intake vents
- Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system for maximum cooling
- New, removable, washable quilted comfort liner
- QuickFlip™ visor screws for easy adjustment even with gloves on
- Fully ventilated EPS-lined chinbar
- Vented roost guard
- Padded chin strap with D-ring closure and strap keeper
- Three shell sizes for a custom fit
- Five-year warranty



Air Intake Ports – Air enters the Bell Moto-8’s Velocity Flow Ventilation™ system through 11 intake ports. The location of these ports was determined using a combination of computer simulation, wind-tunnel testing and rider trials. Their final locations represent optimal positioning for maximum air entry and throughput.

Chin Bar/Cheek Pad Ventilation – The two forward chin bar vents capture airflow off the front of the face guard and channel it into through ducts in the chin bar EPS to the cheek pads. Perforations in the back of the check pads allows for the airflow to help with drying. Air is then evacuated through the exit ports at the lower rear of the helmet.

Mouth Piece Venting – Struts of the mouth piece are angled for maximum airflow in the riding position.

Vented Roost Guard – Long a signature feature of Bell Moto-series helmets, the vented roost guard helps protect the rider’s mouth and nose from kicked up dirt and debris.

Flying Bridge Visor™ – Unlike traditional visors that have an attachment point in the center, the Bell Flying Bridge Visor™ relies on a unique offset pivot configuration. These side-only attachment points provide both adjustability and full stability. The absence of the center attachment point allows uninterrupted airflow over the top of the helmet, improving the function of its ventilation system. Shatter-resistant thermoplastic construction means the visor can take a hit and keep riding.

QuickFlip™ Visor Screws – The Moto-8’s visor screws feature a large flip-up lever that makes it easy to adjust visor settings without tools, even with gloved hands.

Flow Separator™ – This ridge on the top rear of the shell causes a separation of high velocity flow away from the helmet. Below the ridge, low pressure spiral vorticies that pull air through the internal venting system are created. This low-pressure flow naturally circulates and is pulled upward and away by the prevailing high velocity flow creating a suction of air through the helmet, keeping the rider’s head cool and dry.

Drytime™/Dri-Lex™ Comfort Liner – Channeling in the comfort liner in conjunction with channels in the EPS layer help direct air throughout the helmet to keep the rider dry. By using a strategic combination of soft memory foam covered with Dri-Lex lammy suede and Drytime fabric, the liner provides the ultimate in fit, comfort and dryness. The comfort liner is fully removable and washable.

Tri-Weave Shell Construction – Bell uses a single cloth tri-weave of carbon fiber, Kevlar® and fiberglass to create the durable but light weight shell of the Moto-8.

Three Shell Sizes – Most helmets only have two shell sizes and rely on varying interior pad thickness to create their sizes. The Moto-8 has three exterior shell sizes and six sizes total to give riders a custom fit that both feels and looks dialed.

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