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November 23, 2007 7:53am | by:

I am wondering what your take is on that pull-into-the-other-guys-lane-right-off-the-gate move that Cairoli pulls on people. It looks like it worked on Pourcel (gate pics in the Nov. issue). But that crap didn't work against RV at the MXoN. RV ate him up and I loved every minute of it! Is that real race strategy or just a chicken shit move? Let me know what you think.
Paul in S.L.C.

RV gets a wheel up on Cairoli at the MXoN.

photo: Simon Cudby

Dear Paul in SLC,

Moving over and taking someone’s line away is a part of racing, but there is etiquette involved. If you have the jump and take the line away from the rider next to you, that is just being assertive. If you make a hard right three feet out of the gate and almost take yourself down in the process you are, more than likely, a humongous douche. Cairoli’s little move looks more like the latter to me and would qualify as fowl feces in my book. I’m pretty sure he’s just mad that he doesn’t have a good dentist.


Dear Ping,
I’m trying to find out when the Motocross of Nations will be aired???? Surely this year’s world championship won’t be backburnered for two or three months like last years event!!!!  Let’s hope not!!  Thanks!!

Dear ?,

You are in luck!!! This year’s Red Bull Motocross of Nations will not be set aside for two or three months like it was last year. They wouldn’t make that mistake again!!! The good news is that they only had a six week delay from the time the race was over until they aired the race here in the US. The bad news, and I hate to be the guy to break it to you, is that it aired October 26th. So, unless you unassumingly TiVo’d it… you are screwed. Nice job, pal. Where were you on that one????


The word around here is that Li'l Hanny has dropped his Orange County swagger and the orange Lambo and now he's gone all Nascracker (you know, woodshop bling, Ford Tough, Carhart riding gear) in a bid to be make it happen with the Gibbs' team. Is this true Ping, and you think it will help #100?

Dear Drew,

Joshua Hansen has left the building, folks. Well, he’s left Murrieta anyway and traded all the glamour of the inland empire for the southern life in Charlotte, North Carolina. Part of the deal with the Gibbs Racing team was that the riders had to live in the area. They have their own test facility there and J Bone wanted to make sure his guys were staying in line. My guess is that this racing season will either make or break Josh “C-Note” Hansen. He definitely has the talent to make it happen but he has yet to show the heart. And he will have to dig deep to get through this season. Josh has averaged about six races a year since he started racing professionally and he will have to get through 28 in 2008. That is a big step for anyone. Call me a cockeyed optimist but I think he is going to surprise some people. If things go bad though, I predict that he will be a full-time Metal Mullisha trooper in 2009 trying his hand at step up in the summer X Games.