Your Collection

November 18, 2007 8:29am

This week's collection comes from Bill Masho of Santa Barbara, CA.

"Here is a 1974 Ossa 250 Phantom. This bike is fairly representative of the year, but is not stock. The chassis is original, with the stock Betor forks revalved for better performance and the stock shocks replaced by Works Performance units. The frame was fitted with the slightly longer swingarm from a 1975 Desert Phantom. The engine is from a 1976 1/2 Ossa GPII Phantom and has received a complete race build from Keith Lynas in San Diego, including his special rod kit, transmission mods, 38mm Bing and matching hand built exhaust. The outer cases are polished in lieu of the painted black from the factory. The handlebars are Renthal with stock controls and a Gunnar Gasser throttle. White fenders were fit in place of the original blue and give the bike the look of the later 1976 GPII Phantom. Overall, the 1974 Phantom was one of the lightest bikes of the era weighing in at about 192 lbs. This bike thrives on race gas and the performance is unbelievable.

I owned various Ossa motorcycles as a teenager, including the Pioneer, Six Day Replica and GPII Phantom. It has been a real pleasure to recently revisit this renowned brand, and enjoy riding this era of motorcycle again."

All 'Your Collection' entries received from now till till November 30 willl be put in a contest to win a free Jo Jo Keller t-shirt! So keep them coming!

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