Virtual Trainer: Caffeine

Did you know that before the 2000 Olympic games, caffeine was banned by the International Olympic Committee (IOC)? It is difficult to believe that a substance consumed by over 75% of Americans everyday, is placed in a category, which includes harmful drugs such as steroids and cocaine. After all, caffeine laden "energy" drinks are all the rage these days and who doesn't start their morning with a cup of coffee from Starbucks?  Are the side effects that serious or the performance improvements that drastic to warrant placing caffeine on such a list? Virtual Trainer posed this question to our resident Nutritionist, Kim Wathen; "Is caffeine a beneficial supplement to the motocross athlete on race day or should it be avoided due to the serious side effects?" In this article, Kim presents here findings from medical research along with her professional opinion on whether she thinks caffeine should be used by the motocross athlete. Click here to read more.