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After wrapping up an epic show on some old-school heroes, we are turning our focus to the next generation of stars now doing battle in the amateur ranks. After Loretta Lynn’s, the amateur silly-season begins and riders switch colors and classes before the next big race at the Winter National Mini O’s at Gatorback Cycle Park in Florida. The long journey back to the pinnacle of amateur racing at Loretta Lynn’s starts next week as these kids look to follow in the foot steps of the 2007 graduating class.
Wes Williams began his GK Films company several years ago at the early age of fifteen. The young entreprenuer was already traveling the country making movies about amateur motocross when most kids his age were...well, not. His camera work and producing had industry folks taking notice and he ran with the opportunity to make the ever-popular MX Sports Center videos from LL’s a benchmark effort year after year. When DC and Racer X Films came calling, Wes was more than ready to work his magic behind the camera and keyboard and help create the Racer X Motocross Show. Those shows helped revitalize the nationals and brought some great exposure during one of the most dramatic championship battles in recent memory.
His passion for amateur motocross continues as he and Brent Stallo have launched a new website dedicated to the grassroots of our sport. will have constantly updated videos and articles from all over the place as they travel the country and bring us the untold stories and behind the scenes action from their unique perspective. Brent is hardcore and talented behind the lens too, and these two make a formidable duo as will show.
Tonight’s show is dedicated to their efforts and new site and we are pleased to bring you the Mino O’s Preview Show. Guests include KTM’s Blake Wharton who is about to sign with Factory Connection, and Xtreme Team Green’s PJ Larsen who is quickly becoming the top A rider to beat. Also, Suzuki’s hot prospect Ian Treddle who has suffered back-to-back knee injuries but is ready to jump on the big bikes next week, and KTM’s new signee Jason Anderson who was the only rider to win all six motos at LL’s this year.
Robb Beams from is a well-respected trainer with an impressive list of riders that is constantly growing. His monthly training segments are popular with our listeners who appreciate the honest answers to their questions. If you would like to submit a training/riding question for tonight’s show, please send it to by 8pm, EST.
WWR took the summer off, but Scott Kandel and the crew are back and ready to tackle Supercross with some new riders and team strategy. Scott will be joining us to break down the details along with Darrell Saldana, and MDK’s Mark Kvamme. Our old friend Daniel Blair will be giving us the rider’s perspective on the WWR effort.
Also, please check out for their digital edition debut. Chris and Sherri Hultner always put out a great magazine, and the digital edition is no different.

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