Jamie Little at Pole Position Raceway

Supercross starlet Jamie Little was recently seen at the soon-to-open Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas. The former supercross commentator turned NASCAR pit reporter spent time testing karts at the 60,000 square-foot supertrack. “I absolutely love this place," said Little. "I live pretty close to the track and you can bet that I will be spending a lot of time here. There's nothing like this anywhere in Vegas and it I'm blown away at how great it's turning out.” Little’s times were actually very close to those posted by 2004 NASCAR Champ Kurt Busch just a few hours earlier. Both Little and Busch are now part of the investment team that includes Jeremy McGrath, Chad Reed, Mike Metzger, Grant Langston, Greg Albertyn, Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk, Kenny Bartram, Kerry Peterson, Steve Hatch, Dick Burleson and several other key industry figures who backed the four kart tracks. Pole Position Raceway was created by co-founders Jason Williams and Ken Faught, former editor-in-chief of Dirt Rider, in 2005. For more information check out www.polepositionraceway.com.