Birthdays from November 12 to November 18

November 12, 2007 6:52am

November 12: OC-Net's Brad Zimmerman
November 12: GNCC XC1 Pro title contender Taylor Kiser
November 13:
KTM's Christy LaCurelle
November 13:
DeCal Works' Kurt Genz

November 14: Team Suzuki's Amateur Support rider Eli Tomac is the next up and coming rising star and he’s also a four-time winner at Loretta Lynn’s.

November 14: You can’t have a winning team without a great Team Manager. Factory Connection's J.C. Waterhouse has built one of the most powerful Lites teams on the SX/MX circuit.

November 14: FLMX's photographer Frank Buonemani
November 14:
Red Line Bicycles' Gork
November 14:
Racer X readers Blaze and Keeley Rodriquez
November 15: FMX Rider Jesse Olson

November 15: Tim Boryk is the MX Sports and GNCC Racing information specialist.  Tim has a practical side and an emotional side. For one, he deals with the results compiled from of the Area and Regional Qualifiers and the Air Nautiques/AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn's, and the Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series. But he's not all computer geek. Tim, aaaaauhhh, helps people with their love life six times per year in The Racing Paper, which is the official paper of AMA District 5. Tim answers questions on life, love and relationships, if you have one you can email and find the best result for your latest tug at the heart strings.

November 15: KTM's Kurt Nicoll was a title contender for years on the Grand Prix circuit. Now he is the Race Director at KTM and is responsible for hiring the riders and keeping the team rolling.
November 16: Arai Helmet's Akihito Arai

November 16:
The late Bultaco and Honda factory rider Jim Pomeroy. Godspeed Jim.
November 17: Mike LaRocco's son Parker LaRocco
November 17:
Hammerhead Designs' John Clark

November 18: Since coming to the states, KTM's Jay Burgess has been one of the top wrenches on the circuit. This year, he had the opportunity to work with Ecuador’s Martin Davalos.
November 18: Barnett Clutch's Chris Taylor