Stuttgart SX Night 2 Race Report

Like the year before, Saturday night was Jason Thomas' night. After winning his semi, Jason was ready to get the win. Even though Joe Oehlhof got the holeshot, Jason Thomas passed him quickly and led the race to the end. Oehlhof was passed by the French rider Rodrig Thain, but then had a great battle with Cole Siebler for third position. Siebler tried to attack on every spot of the track, but unfortunately was not able to secure the third position, which was finally taken by Oehlhof. Florent Richier, winner of Friday night, had some bad luck on Saturday. First he crashed in his semi race and had to go to the Last Chance Qualifier, which he won. Then in the final he went into the starting gate and picked up the race in last position. Finally he ended up being in fifth position. Good races again for the Americans Northrop, Johnson and Saylor. The Portuguese rider, Joaquim Rodrigues, did not make it to the final on Saturday, as he took out Daniel Siegl in their LCQ and both riders went down.

The SX2 class saw a new face on the top of the podium. It was American Tyler Keefe who took the win in front of the Czech Filip Neugebauer and the Dutch Rinus van de Ven. Kyle Tobin, who was second the night before, crashed and had to abandon.

Jason Thomas on top of the podium.

Some riders are heading to Russia this week to compete in the French SX Tour round which will take place in Moscow for the first time. The next event in Germany will be the SX of Chemnitz on November 30th/December 1st 2007.

Here are the results SX Stuttgart, Germany Night 2:

Semi 1
1. Thomas, Jason USA Honda
2. Thain, Rodrig FRA Suzuki
3. Northrop, Jeff USA KTM
4. Dehaan, Doug CAN Honda
5. Saylor, Jacob USA Kawasaki
6. Evennou, Nick USA Kawasaki
7. Siegl, Daniel GER Suzuki
8. Huc, Bastien FRA Kawasaki
9. Rodrigues, Joaquim POR KTM
10. Richier, Florent FRA Kawasaki

Semi 2
1. Siebler, Cole USA Honda
2. Ludwig, Stefan GER Kawasaki
3. Oehlhof, Joe USA Kawasaki
4. Chittaro, Manuel GER Kawasaki
5. Johnson, Bryan USA Honda
6. Browning, Willy USA Suzuki
7. Paasch, Sebastian GER Suzuki
8. Delepierre, Nicolas FRA Suzuki
9. Berthome, Vincent FRA KTM
10. Graham, Bradley USA Kawasaki

Last Chance
1. Richier, Florent FRA Kawasaki
2. Berthome, Vincent FRA KTM

Final SX1 - Saturday November 11th
1. Thomas, Jason USA Honda
2. Thain, Rodrig FRA Suzuki
3. Oehlhof, Joe USA Kawasaki
4. Siebler, Cole USA Honda
5. Richier, Florent FRA Kawasaki
6. Northrop, Jeff USA KTM
7. Johnson, Bryan USA Honda
8. Chittaro, Manuel GER Kawasaki
9. Saylor, Jacob USA Kawasaki
10. Berthome, Vincent FRA KTM
11. Ludwig, Stefan GER Kawasaki
12. Dehann, Doug CAN Honda
13. Siegl, Daniel GER Suzuki

Final SX2 - Saturday November 11th
1. Keefe, Tyler USA Kawasaki
2. Neugebauer, Filip CZE Kawasaki
3. Van de Ven, Rinus NED KTM
4. Greedy, Ashley IRL Honda
5. Wiedemann, Jens GER Suzuki
6. Bakke, Per NOR Yamaha
7. Billery, Romain GER Yamaha
8. Kohut, Martin CZE Suzuki
9. Stadler, Mike SUI Kawasaki
10. Voss, Jens GER KTM
11. Sturm, Robert GER Kawasaki
12. Tobin, Kyle USA Honda