Virtual Trainer: Mental Training for Motocross

Q & A with Mental Games Coach Dr. Patrick Cohn

The off-season is in full swing, you have your strength training program on track, you are recovering nicely from last season's injuries, and you even have your eye on some new equipment for next year. But what about your mental conditioning? All the hard work put into the off-season can go up in smoke on race day if you don't also have your mental game in shape. Dr. Patrick Cohn, a mental games coach with over 15 years of experience knows the importance of mental conditioning. If you have never considered the importance of the proper mind set on race day or think that it isn't that important, this article contains six questions asked by racers regarding mental focus and preparation. If you find yourself asking the same questions, you may just need a mental tune-up with Dr. Cohn. Go to to read the complete article.