Merge Rolls the Dice

Merge Racing Technologies is mildly pleased to announce that effective January 1st, Steve Matthes will be joining Merge to represent their growing line of products. Steve will be on the road assisting race teams, dealers and riders with information and tips about Merge products.

"I'm happy to get off the couch and work with a top level company like Merge" Matthes said. "I was enjoying the unemployment life but unfortunately people seem to keep charging me every month for my house and lights and other things so back to work I go."

"Steve's tells us that his extensive background in the motorcycling industry makes this a perfect fit,” states Jim Lewis.  “He was a factory mechanic for many years and kept telling us all about Tim Ferry, and emailing us pictures of him and Red Dog, and playing us phone messages from Ferry on his voicemail.”

“He was available,” explains Michael Holigan.
Matthes will work hand in hand (figuratively not literally) with Jim Lewis to help develop and promote new and existing Merge products.

About Merge
Merge Racing Technologies LP is a partnership formed between Jim Lewis and Michael Holigan.  Jim is formerly the Director of R&D at White Brothers.  Prior to coming to the USA, Jim was a GP mechanic at Kawasaki and KTM.  Michael was the owner of Holigan Racing which competed in the AMA Supercross and Motocross Series.  For more information about Merge, visit