Paris-Bercy SX This Weekend

(November 9/10/11th, 2007) 

Afew days before the 25th edition of the Paris Bercy Supercross (November 9th to 11th), the stadium is already full of action with the ‘Open of Bercy’ tournament of tennis. In a few hours the famous area will be empty of spectators and sportsmens, and the staff of Jean Luc Fouchet will start to built the track of the most prestigious European SX.

Jeremy McGrath is back in Paris
Unfortunately Ricky Carmichael will not do his last Supercross appearance in Bercy, as the Americain star denied all his contracts due to a blood virus that stopped earlier than expecting his motorcycle career. To replace him the organizers did their best and invited two of the most famous US Supercross riders: Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed.

Since his official retirement on the US scene, Jeremy McGrath never stopped praticing and will not come in Paris just for the show. “I came here ten years in a row, and I’ve some great memories. The fans are unbelievable, and even if I know that it will be difficult for me to beat riders such as Chad Reed, Andrew Short or Grant Langston to claim another King of Bercy title, I will do my best. The new racing program is great, and if I can get some good start I think that it’s possible for me to battle for the win. The fans have always been great to me, I hope that they will support me once more” said Jeremy who will have a factory Honda.

Chad Reed favourite
Chad raced twice the event in the past (2000-2001), and for his come back he is ‘the man to beat’ with his huge Supercross achievements. Second ‘non American rider’ to claim after Jean Michel Bayle the prestigious US Supercross Title (in 2004), the Kiwi finished twice runner up in 2005 and 2007. He will lead a strong ‘Rest of The World’ team alongside South African Grant Langston (World Champion in 2000, and four times US champion including the 07 MX title), Canadian veteran Jean Sébastien Roy and young Belgian hopefull Jeremy Van Horebeek.

A strong US team
Winner four times of the Team’s classification over the past five years, the US team seems able to bring back home the trophy with strong team-mates for Jeremy Mac Grath who will race only the first two nights. Twice winner in Bercy (04 and 05) Andrew Short is back in the French capital and everyone remembers that he never lost one main event in Bercy! Incredibly fast but crashing too many times last year Josh Grant is back too, and with more experience he will be stronger than ever, as well as veteran Mike Brown who will contest only on Sunday (he will replace Mac Grath who has to go back in the US early). Justin Brayton is the fourth man of the team, and will travel for the first time in Europe.

The MXDN French team in Bercy
Runner up in the last edition of the Motocross des Nations in Budds Creek (USA), Sébastien Pourcel, Nicolas Aubin and Pierre Alexandre Renet will try to keep at home the Bercy’s trophy that the Frenchie’s captured last year, thanks to David Vuillemin, Chris Pourcel and Renet. Sébastien spent a few weeks in California with Sébastien Tortelli to prepare Bercy, while his friends Renet and Aubin stay in France to practice and shine during the Bilbao SX. The fourth man of the French squad will be Eric Sorby, while four other frenchies selected in the SX Tour race will built another team for the main event.

New rules
During the last years Bercy was a ‘lite race’ with 250 four stroke bikes in the Stadium. For the first time since 2001 the event will be ‘open’ with 450 and 250, and the spectators will have more possibilities to see the stars with the new format of the event. All of them will race two finals, but they will also be involved in a tournament with short races. Once more Bercy will bring some novelties, and will stay as a unique event!

Asics Free Style
Bercy without Free Style would not be Bercy, and once more the show will be interesting with some of the best riders. American Ronnie Renner and French Manu Troux will do their last appearance in Bercy, and will contest with Swiss Matt Rebeaud, Japanese Eigo Sato and Frenchies Tom and Charles Pages. Of course the famous Dark Dog Pom Pom girls will be there, as well as the best young hopefulls who will race the ’85cc Kenny Trophy’

The event will start at 8.00 p.m on Friday and Saturday, and at 3.00 p.m on Sunday.

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2. Jeremy McGRATH (USA – American Honda/Redstyle)  (friday and saturday)
20. Josh GRANT (USA – Factory Connection Honda/Redstyle)
29. Andrew SHORT (USA – American Honda/Redstyle)
114. Justin BRAYTON (USA – KTM MDK)
3. Mike Brown (USA – Honda Cas / Redstyle) (only sunday)


7. Eric SORBY (F- Kawasaki Bud Hooters)
24. Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F- Honda NGS)
90. Sébastien POURCEL (F – Kawasaki GPKR)
131. Nicolas AUBIN (F- Yamaha Ricci)

Reste du Monde

8. Grant LANGSTON (Af.Sud – Yamaha USA/YMF)
10. Jean-Sébastien ROY  (CND – Yamaha Blackfoot/Essonne)
22. Chad REED (Aus – Yamaha San Manuel/YMF)
89. Jeremy VAN HOREBEEK (B – KTM Champ)

SX Tour

979. Benjamin COISY - Honda
525. Marvin MUSQUIN - Kawasaki Bud
64. Khounsith VONGSANA - KTM
11. Stephan DEMARTIS - Honda
33. Cyrille COULON - Yamaha
14. Raphaël BEAUDOUIN - Suzuki
30. Alexandre ROUIS - Kawasaki
430. Christophe CHARLIER - Yamaha MD
519. Loic ROMBAUD - Kawasaki
31. Antoine DELSART - Honda
56. Adrien LOPES – Yamaha
60. Josse SALLEFRANQUE - Honda
95. Hugo DAGOD - Yamaha MD
47. Cédric SOUBEYRAS – Yamaha MD
48. Christophe MARTIN - HVA
85. Mickaël MUSQUIN - Yamaha
811. Gautier PAULIN – Kawasaki Molson
21. Steven FROSSARD - Kawasaki  CLS
41. Gregory ARANDA - Kawasaki  CLS
18. Marc RISTORI – CH – Honda Suisse


Manu TROUX (F - Honda)
Mat REBEAUD (CH – KTM Red Bull)
Eigo SATO (JPN – Yamaha)
Ronnie RENNER (USA – KTM Red Bull)
Tom PAGES (F – Suzuki)
Charles PAGES (F – Suzuki)

85cc Trophée Kenny

1. ANSTIE Max (GB - KTM)
2. CLERMONT Jason (Honda NGS)
3. TIXIER Jordi (KTM)
4. FERRANDIS Dylan (Yamaha)
5. CHAUVEAU Jeremy (KTM)
6. LAFONT Yohan (Yamaha)
7. MAILLARD Boris (Suzuki)
8. GUERIN Frédéric (KTM)
9. LEBEAU Cyril (Kawasaki)
10. PASTOR Kévin (KTM)