Harold Waddell Defends NAHA Hillclimb Title

Pro National titles are what dreams are made of, most of us dream of one day making it big but the reality is there's only a handful that make it happen, and even fewer that see it twice. So when you sit back and think about how many times you've wanted something that seemed impossible, I'm here to tell you it's just not true, because dreams are possible. Harold Waddell is a shining example of this, with a lifetime of dreaming, last year Harold made his dreams come true by winning the NAHA Pro National Title in the Unlimited class, but true champions never quit dreaming, so this year his dream was to successfully defend his title.
In the opening round of the NAHA Pro National Hillclimb event in Tracy, CA, Waddell took home his first win of the year starting the season off the way he finished last season. By the 4th round in Sturgis, Harold had a comfortable lead in the points series but as the day started so did his problems. He blew first in the transmission, and with the gearing set to run in 1st gear the bike would have to be re-geared for second. So they went to the line 1 rotation out of the ratio they needed to have a chance at winning the event, his never quit, never give-up mentality would get him through all the trouble he had to face that day, as he was still able to salvage a respectable 3rd place, enough to maintain his points lead going into the next round in New Plymouth, ID.
The defending champ's troubles continued, this time it was traction troubles that plagued him through out the event. Run after run he found himself struggling to post a reasonable time, by days end this would be his worst finish of the season finishing 5th place.
The Nebraska native Harold Waddell entered the last round in Nashville, IN with a slim lead of 1 point. The pressure was on as this would be his last chance to defend his Pro National title. In his first shot at the hill for the day he launched out of the box for a flawless run, posting an amazing time of 17.0400. This time became untouchable, as the runner up posted a time that was nearly 1/2 second off at his best. With the NAHA Pro Hillclimb national title secured, his second run wasn't needed, so he made his final pass for the day his victory pass.
Take it from Harold Waddell, don't think for one second dreams don't happen, because they do, his never quit attitude and desire to succeed has launched him to his second consecutive NAHA Pro Hillclimb National Championship in as many years. This season Harold also finished 3rd in the 700X class for 2007 and he will be extending his persistence and dedication to that class as well for 2008, Harold will continue his defense in the Unlimited class looking forward to the 2008 season. Congratulations Harold Waddell on successfully defending your NAHA Pro National Championship Title.