Birthdays from November 5 to November 11

November 5, 2007 7:34am

November 6: SoCal Racing Designer Ryan Calligan

November 7: After winning six Australian Enduro Championships, KTM sent Shane Watts over to contest in the GNCC series. In 2000 he rewarded KTM with their first championship in the series. Everyone knew he was very versatile on riding different terrain but in 2001 he also qualified for the High Point national and went 15-40.

November 8: FMX rider Rudy Waller

November 9: Paul "Baz" Boudreau was a former editor of Motocross Action in the mid '70s who gave up editing for priesthood. Now he’s a Catholic Priest in the Palm Desert area and a frequent contributor to Racer X.

November 10: KBC Helmet's Pat Lio

November 10: GNCC XC1 Pro title contender Chad Parker

November 10: GNCC Open A specialist Michael Sanders

November 11: Privateer Richie Owens has been making the transition from top motocross prospect to a possible new force to be reckoned with in off-road. He’s been dabbling in the WORCS Series with the guidance of former three-time AMA 250cc National MX Champion Gary Jones.

November 11: GNCC XC1 Pro rider Jon Ober

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