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Advance, North Carolina (October 30, 2007) - Top people from the motorcycle industry give their uncut opinions and race stories. Get your weekly motorcycle information live from Pit Pass Radio. The show airs every Tuesday from 5-7 pm Pacific, 6-8 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Central, and 8-10 pm Eastern at www.pitpassradio.com.

Robert Hansen - Sales and Marketing at Live Nation
Robert will be in town preparing for the opening round of the Toyota Arenacross at Well's Fargo Arena. He used to be the director of Arenacross and switched roles within the company. He knows Arenacross as well and anyone and we will talk about
everything from the new format of only 250 four- strokes to who's racing this year.

Ronnie Williams - Race Tech
Ronnie builds suspension for some of the top riders in the world. He can be found at many of the tracks in Southern California testing with various teams and riders. He is involved with a few of the Arenacross teams this year and will be on site this weekend for the opening round to assist his riders. He joins us for the first time on the program to talk about Race Tech and what they offer.

Jim Neese
Jim Neese owns and rides for the Foremost Insurance Suzuki Team and is the current Arenacross Lites East Champion. Aside from racing Jim runs the Jim Neese Rider Development motocross schools in North Carolina. Back from racing the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, Jim joins us to discuss his schools, the upcoming Arenacross Series, his new teammate - Tyler Bright and his new sponsor Foremost Insurance.

Kristen Oehlhof
Kristen Oehlhof (pro motocross racer Joe Oehlhof's wife) manages Competitive Edge in Hisperia, California. The facility features several tracks to ride on, that are groomed daily. They currently have an exact replica of the Atlanta Supercross track and many top pro's can be found testing suspension, motors, and their own skill. We check in with Kristen to talk about the facility and welcome her to the show for the first time.

Crew at Pit Pass Radio - Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony "Ticeman" Tice, Jeremy Shonning and Ed Kuhlenkamp, Build-Momentum

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