Manuel Rivas To WWR in 2008

Newbury Park, CA.  Manuel "Manu" Rivas, Spanish Supercross Champion and one of last season’s surprises in the AMA Supercross class, will be coming back to America in 2008. He will be racing thanks to the support of Wonder Warthog Racing (WWR) and Synergy Racing Technologies (SRT).

The team will be working directly with Mike Fisher and Kawasaki to ensure that Manu has bikes and OEM replacement parts.  Performance support will be provided through MDK Speed while Ross Maeda at Enzo will continue to provide state-of-the-art KYB suspension technology.

Manu is currently in Madrid, Spain and will be joining and training with his other WWR stable mates, Antonio Balbi and Andrew Guzman, in Riverside, CA.  Manu and his family thank the Guzman Family for welcoming them into their home.

Manu made six of seven main events (he received the RacerX Gas Card in the other race) and was in 13th place overall when he returned to Spain in 2007. The team expects great results from Manu this year. Said Darrell Saldana, Race Director, “Manuel Rivas is hands down one of the top privateers in our sport. We have 15 support spots allocated in the WWR/DeCal Works Hog Haven program and it is our pleasure to select Manu in 2008."  

Rivas stated, "I have been training hard all summer and know that I’ve raised my game, to the point where I feel top 10 results are possible. In addition, it’s going to be a lot of fun working with the WWR program as they really want to help for the right reasons.  I’m looking forward to 2008 and know the team and I will represent our sponsors, countries, and the privateer well.” (rough translation from Spanish) 

Manu will be involved in this year’s promotional program, which will feature a Weekly Spanish Q&A with Manu and Andrew Guzman. The Spanish speaking fans will be able to directly ask the riders questions and get insight into the lives of these privateers striving for greatness.