Craig Martin Says Goodbye to Oak Hill MX

October 20, 2007, Decatur, Texas: Oak Hill MX Park and the GNC have recently been purchased by Jeff and Dawn Oldenburg. Over the past 7 years, previous owner Jeff Pray has always had a vision and a goal for Oak Hill MX Park. Creating the best race track with an emphasis on comfort for the entire family was the highest priority. In August 2004, Jeff acquired the GNC from Jerry and Liz Surber. Shortly after, Jeff brought on Craig Martin to join forces with Donna and Richard White in the management of both the race track and the GNC. Jeff, Donna, Richard, Craig and the entire staff at the GNC and Oak Hill have enjoyed many great events, including the annual GNC International Motocross Final. The GNC Final saw close to 15% growth each of the past three years at Oak Hill. 
Earlier this year, Craig Martin and his wife Julie opened a KTM dealership, Action Motorsports KTM, Inc., in Decatur, Texas. "It has been something I have always wanted to do.  KTM is a great company that is able to see the demands of today's enthusiasts and react! The entire staff at KTM shares the passion for the sport that I have always had myself. I think we can make a difference here and become a very successful dealership," stated Craig. The main focus for Action Motorsports is to create the "race shop for the true racer." Craig's vision is to keep the dealership small and personable while fulfilling all the needs of today's off road and motocross enthusiasts.
With the recent events concerning the purchase of Oak Hill MX Park and the GNC, Craig will no longer be working with either Oak Hill MX Park or the GNC. "This was a hard decision for my wife and me to make. Oak Hill and the GNC are the reason we came to Texas to begin with. We thought we would always be involved in some manner. But, this is where we are, and we are excited for the opportunity for another chapter in our lives to begin," said Craig.
Craig and his family do wish the best for the Oldenburgs and the entire staff at Oak Hill and the GNC. "It has been a great three year learning process and personal growth period for me. I want to thank Jeff Pray for giving me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of this great sport. I owe a huge thank you to Donna and Richard White for all their knowledge and patience with me as I learned about promoting. The staff at Oak Hill made it very easy to be successful. Great sponsors of the events were an integral part of the success and I thank each of them as well. I would also like to thank the thousands and thousands of racers and their great families that have attended the events over the past three years and applauded our efforts. That is what it is all about," Craig stated.
Craig can be reached at Action Motorsports by phone at 940-627-1655 or email at
Look for Craig and the Action Motorsports race support rig at the races near you soon!