Cole Siebler U.S. Open Update

October 23, 2007 6:30am
With a fourth lap block pass on Cernics/Kawasaki's Jeff Gibson, the # 90 Honda of Cole Siebler was looking for the white flag with the one and only transfer spot from Semi # 3 to the Main Event.  What he found was a trip to the Asterisk mobile medical unit.  

After pulling solid starts during Friday and Saturday nights qualifying races, fending off tremendous pressure from behind and missing transfer positions by never more than two spots, the momentum was building. When the gate dropped for Saturday night's Semi # 3, Cole was second to Gibson and applying pressure throughout the race. With a little more than a lap to go, Siebler made his move with a block pass in the corner before the Step-on, Step-off section. Without enough momentum to make it to the center section, he rolled the first single to then launch over, landing at the second single. Siebler then hit neutral on the way up, losing what drive he had, resulting in a tumble over the bars to land on his head and shoulder. "I thought that was it," Cole said after such a tremendous blow to the head. But that wasn't the end of it.  As Cole was rebounding up from the impact, his bike landed on him, slamming him to the dirt again. "I feel like I got hit by a bus. Gibson found me after the race to see if I was OK.  He's a great guy, we've been buddies for a long time," said Siebler of Jeff Gibson.  Gibson was able to run down Jeff Alessi, who had taken advantage of the mishap.  Gibson would transfer to the Main Event.

With obvious damage to the helmet both inside and out and a broken Leatt Brace, Geoff Patterson of Leatt Brace wanted the helmet and neck brace to study the two to determine the amount of force Siebler endured without receiving serious injury. "I know the brace did its job," said a stiff and sore Siebler. "I have an old shoulder injury from the US Open two years ago that I eventually had surgery to fix. That hurts, and my back is sore, but nothing is broken."

Cole plans to take a week off to rest and recover, then back to training and riding before leaving for Germany on November 6th to race the German Supercross Series.

Cole would like to thank Fly Racing, Carl's Cycle Sales, Sidi Boots, Dunlop, Hinson, MBI Suspension, Renthal, Leatt Brace and Scott Naccarato for their continued faith and support.