Number Cruncher Redux: #10


This week we crunched #10 for the Shift Number Cruncher. As always, we ask you to send in any other notable #10s, and this is what we got...

Hey it’s Donovan Mitchell, I ran #10 at the U.S. Open in 1999 in the Four-stroke class as a Yamaha support kid. I had some bright moments, a few strong mains, but mainly brought the crowd to their feet when I hammered through some big whoops on a YZ 400…This race helped me seal a deal at Factory KTM…Check the photo attached, I think TFS took it…

Cool man, thanks…

Gaylon Mosier

Don't forget the late, great Gaylon Mosier wore #10 on his factory Kawasaki in 1979. He was really getting going at this time, and as we all know he was killed a year later riding his road bike. See this link for a cool write up on Kawi's '79 team.  
Josh Heintz
Chester Springs, PA

Rob Fox

Here are some pics of my bikes! I’m riding in the first picture and in the second picture, it’s my 250f and my BBR110. My dad and I are # 10. We are opening up a Kawi dealership in Jupiter, FL, called Motorsport Fox Kawasaki.

Rob Fox

This will prove I’m definitely an old timer. In 1977 Jimmy Wienert wore no. 10 as he made a rare appearance in the 125 class at the Kiethburg, Illinois national. The occasion? Kawasaki was finally working on a competitive 125 for 1978, after re-releasing a 1974 model for three years. The Jammer was on a rare 1978 prototype, stylin’ with the big 1-oh!

Mark Foley

And finally, Daniele Sinatra sent over these gems:

Greg Albertyn - 1992

Bob Moore - 1997


Heikki Mikkola

Pedro Tragter - 1997

Alex Puzar - 1994

Puzar - 2002

Rodney Smith - 1988

Jacky Vimond - 1989