Stewart Pulls Out of U.S. Open


U.S. Open, Friday 4:30, Stewart Pulls Out

Monster Kawasaki's James Stewart has pulled out of the U.S. Open for the weekend.

James tells the media that he won't be racing this weekend.

photo: Steve Bruhn

Stewart thought he might give it a try during the week but still wasn't sure. When RC pulled out, he knew he wanted to help fill the field, even though he wasn't ready. He rode practice this morning, then a team meeting was held and they agreed he would pull out of racing this weekend.

Stewart explained his decision to a group of media in his rented motor home in the pits, saying that he knew after riding that he just was not ready to ride at this level after recovering from injury. The issue is not his knee, just preparation, and he wants to be ready for Anaheim. He didn't want to go out and fade, or risk further injury.

He was asked about Bercy and didn't say a definate "no," but it seems unlikely at this point and we should see Stewart ready for Anaheim.