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October 12, 2007 9:52am | by:

(With the Ping in “Ask Ping” on the sidelines with a cast on each arm, DC volunteered to answer this week’s Ask Ping letters.)

Hey Ping,
I just read about your crash, so sorry to hear! It's too bad that you won't be able to finish up the series, but that's ok, you will be even better next year! I hope you get well soon, and that everything heals up quickly. By the way I love reading the Ask Ping. And your sections in Racerhead are always the funniest! So keep up the funny writing, and get better!

Ping is on the sidelines.

photo: Paul Buckley

Thanks Veronica, I really appreciate that, being as how I am the one who does all of the grunt work in the trenches on Racerhead, only to have Ping come in and snatch the glory at the end. It’s like I am an offensive lineman, protecting the quarterback and pushing the team down the field, just so some dainty kicker can come off the warm and cozy bench to kick a field goal and get all of the applause. No one says, “Hey, great blocking by what’s-his-name down there on the line to get the team in position to win….” Instead, they say “Pingree won the game with a brilliant last-second field goal—and he didn’t even wrinkle his cardigan!” So take down your Ping-for-President website, sweetie, and get a clue about how this all…..
       Wow, being mean is hard than I thought. I guess that does take some real skill. I will send Ping your condolences and best wishes. Thanks for reading our stuff.

Hey Ping,
Hope your wrist is okay.  I don't have a smart-ass question or comment for you, I just want to know what happened to Stefan Everts attempt to race the MX nationals in the U.S.?  I've never heard anything on this.  Was it his KTM contract or something else?  With James Stewart's injury this year, Everts might just have added a U.S. Motocross Championship to his collection!
       I've been reading your stuff over the last few years.  You've gotten quite good.  Not to suck up too bad, but I enjoy your commentary on TV also.  Thanks.
Steve Crossley

Stefan Everts and RC at Budds Creek.

photo: Simon Cudby

Thanks Steve, and sorry about the, um, Everts-race-the-nationals deal. It was an April Fool’s joke, thought up by Everts himself and Ping’s boss, that talented, generous, thoughtful and under-appreciated man who really ought to give himself a raise…
       Actually, yes, Everts would have had a great chance to win the AMA Motocross title this year, but racing in America and racing in Europe are two different things, which is something that both Everts and his peer Ricky Carmichael understood better than anyone. It often takes years of adjustment—ask Albertyn and Langston, or even Brad Lackey—to cross oceans and win on another tour as competitive as AMA and FIM are. Even with RC quitting and James going down, it would have been tough for Stefan because the one thing that did not change is the American style of racing: Wide open from the get-go, with big jumps thrown in along with the way. Still, if anyone could have done it, it’s Stefan Everts.

Dear Ping,
I just read about the new Troy Lee Designs Honda SX team, with Gavin Gracyk and Chris Gosselaar earning the slots in that tryout deal. Why didn’t you try out for the team?
Will G.

Dear Will,
A set of broken wrists had something to do with it, but the truth is, I would not have tried out anyway. I don’t believe in reality show-type competitions (that’s so, like, MTV) where the best rider on that particular day gets the nod over a more methodical, patient and deserving man. I would stand on my merits as an experienced professional, a four-time 125 SX main event winner and standout member of more teams than I can remember (Chico’s Bail Bonds’ Honda, anyone?). Why would I lower myself to the level of some no-talent, no-future wannabe like Carrie Underwood or Tom Brady for the chance to go back out there and vie for a West Region SX title? I will tell you why…
       Troy didn’t invite me to tryout. Dang.

Ping (DC)
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