Predictify U.S. Open Challenge

Predictify and prediction series sponsor, Roseville Cycle Center, collaborate to deliver five prediction challenges regarding the U.S. Open motorcycle competition to be held in Las Vegas, October 12-14th.

Predictify – October 9, 2007 – Who will win the U.S Open in Las Vegas?  What will be the fastest lap time? Better finish; Mike Alessi’s first ride on Suzuki or Nick Wey on the new MDK KTM?  What will be the best finishing position by any rider on a 250F “Lites” Motorcycle?

Launched today, Predictify is a Web-based prediction platform that provides a simple, fun way to engage in current and future newsworthy topics. Members can find events that interest them, predict the outcome, build a reputation based on accuracy, compete against friends, and even get paid real money when they’re right. Best of all, it’s free to predict – no points or bets are required.

Predictify is based on the concept of collective wisdom, which combines the responses of a large number of users into a powerful collective prediction. Unlike surveys and polls, Predictify asks members to consider the likely outcome of an event, not their personal opinions or beliefs, and tracks each member’s historical predictive accuracy to identify experts among its user base.

Members can also post questions about future events and collect a large sample of predictions about the outcome. Predictify’s unique system captures the full distribution of predictions, not just the average, and provides easy-to-use graphical tools to analyze the results. Posting questions is free – or, for a small fee, members can keep the results private and filter by predictor profile. Businesses and individuals can use this data to gain insight into future product releases, sales forecasts, competitive research or just about any other popular trend.

To start predicting today, visit and search for keyword, “Vegas” to find the U.S. Open questions.

About Predictify
Studies have shown that large groups of regular people are often more accurate than a small group of experts at predicting the outcome of future events. Predictify is a prediction platform that harnesses this collective wisdom and makes predicting easy and fun. Predictify is based in Menlo Park, Calif., and can be found on the Web at