Johnny O'Hannah's Motorcycles Stolen


We got this note today from Johnny O'Hannah:

On Saturday October 6th two men broke into my storage unit in Hollywood, FL, and stole two vintage motorcycles. A 1983 Honda CR480 with #11 on the plates and 1983 YZ250 with #224 on the plates. Also stolen was a blue and white full-face JT Racing helmet and a white Bell Moto 3.

Police have video of the suspects and know their names and identities and expect to arrest them any day. However, in the meantime the bikes may have already been moved, sold or abandoned somewhere in South Florida.

Please put out the word to anyone you know in Florida, collects vintage bikes or owns a shop in the area to be on the lookout for these two unique bikes.

I don't have the VIN numbers available yet as I am out of state receiving medical attention at Ft. Stewart Army Base in Georgia. and all my household goods are packed from moving back in Florida.

Yes, this is a nightmare.

Any information please contact the Hollywood Police Dept. at 954-967-4636, Case #R3307-33106

Johnny O'Hannah