Your Collection

October 6, 2007 4:03pm

This week's collection comes from Forrest Granlund:

"I love going to Vintage Days and looking at all the old bikes.  Brings back many fond memories. I usually take my '98 Z50 and putt around the swap meet. It is amazing what you will find there. I used to race a buddies old '73 CR250 in the motocross races.  Man I love those old bikes!

Here is the '73 CR250 I raced in the Vintage National, and a cool JT1 mini enduro I darn near bought 2 years ago - fully restored and they wanted $1500 (my first bike was a '66 Honda S90 but then I got a JT1 mini enduro like this.)

I am still looking for my first new Honda - 1974 XR75. The pristine ones are pretty pricey. Someday I hope to find one at a reasonable price."