Virtual Trainer: 5 Minutes With...Dr. Augustine

Dr. Steve Augustine is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Jacksonville, FL, Monday through Friday, but on the weekends he plays host to motocross's elite serving his time with the Asterisk Mobile Medic Unit patching up our sports heroes. Dr. Augustine, along with Dr. John Bodnar, are in charge of the massive undertaking that travels to all 17 rounds of the SX series and all 12 rounds of the Outdoor series including the Motocross of Nations this year. Dr. Augustine and his crew see all types of injuries, but the most feared in motocross has to be a spinal cord injury. With the recent spinal injury to NFL player Kevin Everett fresh on people's minds, Virtual Trainer wanted to get Dr. Augustine's opinion on the experimental treatment applied to Everett and if this type of treatment is applicable to MX. Also, with the insurgence of the Leatt Brace, we wanted to get his trackside opinion as to the validity of the device and ask him the pointed question, "should everyone be wearing one?" Go to read the complete article.