Your Collection

September 29, 2007 7:45pm

This week's collection comes from Quin and Joe Warnick of Orem, Utah:

"Here is a picture of our 1958 Cushman Eagle. My brother Joe and I own it, and believe it or not it's pretty much original except the handlebars and the army green paint. It was a gift and sat in the back of an old truck for about 25 years until last year I went through it and made it functional again. It has not been restored, just gone through and cleaned up. It runs pretty good, but is a bit ornery at times (like most things its age) and is a blast to ride around the neighborhood. I was taking a picture of my 2008 450 and realized that they are exactly 50 years apart, so I took a picture of them together. Thanks for putting some old school stuff on every now and then, I really enjoy this feature on the website."

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