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September 28, 2007 10:54am | by:

Who would win in a no-holds-barred, 30-minute moto? RC, Tim Ferry or Ross "Rollerball" Pederson?
Your fan,

Dear Steve,

Ross "Rollerball" Pederson

photo: Bill Petro

Uh, could it be any more obvious that this is Steve Matthes? The fact that you even consider “The Rollerball” to be in the same league as RC or even Ferry confirms my belief that you are, in fact, retarded. Or maybe your parents shook you when you were a baby. I think that Pederson could probably drink more LaBatt’s Blue than the two red-headed Floridians and would surely whip them in a game of hockey, even a two-on-one, but that’s about it. Instead of living in your Matthes Fantasyland where Ross Pederson is King, Tim Ferry is your husband and Java Monsters flow like wine, why don’t you get to work on a relevant issue like how to slim down your ankles.
Stalk to you later.

Congratulations on your supermoto year. Now, why does the FIM insist on calling their series the "World Championship"? Shouldn't it be "European Championship"? I saw the real world champions at Budds Creek on Sunday.
       Also, will someone tell Tarah Gieger to give it up before she hurts herself or some other rider. I can admire her (dare I say) balls, but not her good sense.  I saw her go down on a downhill, get stuck in the mud, and then severely case it on the Big Gulp. Perhaps instead of being politically correct they should require better qualifications. Why not buy an Impala and do the Daytona 500?

Dear Louie,

A real world championship series has the best riders in the world and holds events at venues all over the world. In that case, their series doesn’t qualify since most of the world’s best are here racing the U.S. series. And the AMA series doesn’t make the grade either because we don’t leave U.S. soil. I guess that is part of what is so cool about the MXoN is that the world’s best compete on a level playing field once every year. Even if a team is struck with bad luck (can you say “New Zealand”?) you can normally get an idea of how the best from around the world stack up. 

Tarah Gieger made history at the MXoN.

photo: Simon Cudby

I wasn’t there to see Tarah ride but it sounds like it was a rough weekend, but so did Team Helios (Greece, right?) and Mexico and 2/3 of Team Ecuador.  I don’t know what to say other than earlier this year I tried to enter the Pepsi 500 at California Speedway in my Ford Fusion and the France family told me I didn’t have the proper qualifications. Maybe next year?
       Still, she made history. The girls got nuts just for rolling up to the line if you ask me. I am stoked for her.

Hey Ping
As the USA is such a big country—about the size of Europe put together—why even have the MX of Nations? By rights the USA should win easily every year—no excuses. Some countries like Belgium, Italy and England are not even as big as some U.S. States! Surely it would be better to have USA Vs Europe, don't you think? Maybe this could happen as well even? I think it would be way fairer that way,and real exiting and interesting too. I mean last year the USA won the overall and didn't even win a race (Stefan Everts passing James Stewart with both feet up on the pegs nearly all the race was a wonderful sight to see!). Mind you they  also won the "most excuses for not winning a race on the podium" award too and will always win the "ugliest team" award. Personally I’m looking forward to a great weekend even if  i have to endure  the drunken American Red-Neck fat-ass fans and the "Super-size Burger" and donut outlets at every set of stop-go-stop-go-stop-go traffic light laden "roads". Go EUROPE,GO LARGE,GO LARGE!!!

Dear embittered European fan (or what we now call a “Geoff Meyer”)

We'll keep that Peter Chamberlain trophy here.

photo: Simon Cudby

Okay, I’ll take the bait. Poor sportsmanship is a stinky cologne, sir, and right now you are one smelly bastard. I’ll tell you what… how about next year we just pit Ryan Villopoto against the rest of the world because, as you know by now, last weekend he could have won it himself. And you think our team had excuses for not winning a moto in 2006? All I’ve read from “Super Tony,” (Cairoli) the next big thing out of the GP’s, is that the soil was too soft and loamy for him. Yeah, I hate it when the soil is too good. And the humidity was too high and there isn’t enough tar and good parmesan cheese…blah, blah, blah.
       Are you kidding me? And I’ll admit our guys aren’t exactly doing Calvin Klein ads but maybe you need to set down the merlot and the Gouda wheel and take a look at the carnie look-a-likes racing in Europe… I’ve seen sharks with more organized teeth than some of your best guys; hobos with better personal hygiene than anyone from (your country goes here). So you can stick your autobahn and your smoky café’s right where the sun doesn’t shiny, Pepe Le Pew. Maybe we do like our burgers super-sized, our necks red and our donuts hot, fresh and dripping with frosting. You know what else we like? The Peter Chamberlain trophy… That’s why we’ll keep it here.
       And thanks for getting Tommy Searle ready for America; he’ll fit in nicely here when he’s finally ready.

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