MotoTalkRadioLive Tonight


MotoTalkRadioLive can be heard LIVE each Thursday at  8:01PM CST on introduced MotoTalkRadioLive last week to the 20,000+ plus users on both and The program included interviews with the founder MXAgent, internet moto-personality A*Dub, industry insider and message board maniac Shenzi Rubani. The hourlong show was concluded with a call by Jesse Wise, who is surprising everyone with the progress of his recovery after a crash at Chicagoland’s Lake County Supercross left him in a coma for several weeks and hospitalized for over a month and a half.

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Tonight’s show includes interviews with Dave Antolak discussing TUF Racing’s plans to repeat their domination of last years Toyota Arenacross Series, and a visit by Heath Voss to discuss his plans for the ’08 SuperCross Season which include stepping up as manager of an existing team, and advice on how to obtain support outside of the Motocross Industry by The MXAgent.