DMXS Tonight


Team DMXS has just returned from a week at Budds Creek and an awesome experience shared by many moto-heads from around the world. I’m trying to save what little energy I have left for the show so this will be short and sweet.

Roger DeCoster is synonymous with the MXoN and his leadership has lead Team USA to yet another victory. The Man will wrap up the weekend from his perspective tonight.

Mitch Payton and Pro Circuit are on a roll that continued with the utter domination by Ryan Villopoto at the MXoN. I thought Mitch would be taking some time off after the summer grind, but he his already hard at work back at the shop preparing for supercross.

Bevo Forte is our USA ambassador and did a great job spreading cheer and joy among the millions of fans this past weekend. It might not have been millions, but it felt like it. Our good friend will spend some time with us tonight.

Jason Weigandt had surgery today for his butt implants. He said now that is finally successful, he can buy some junk for his trunk. He will be checking in from the couch being cared for by his lovely girlfriend.

Robb Beams from is making an impact on the industry as one of the up-and-coming trainers. His work with the successful Toyota program has continued into a growing client base. Robb will be on every month with a training segment and will address any specific questions you might have. Please forward them to and we will answer as many as possible tonight.

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