Racer Special at Pole Position Raceway

Bring in any racing license or your subscription to Racer X Illustrated and get $5 off a standard adult race at any Pole Position Raceway, the nation's most-popular chain of indoor kart tracks. There are two California locations in Corona and Murrieta, and a third facility in Oklahoma City. Each track is loaded with all sorts of motocross and off-road racing memorabilia from guys like Jeremy McGrath, James Stewart, Chad Reed, Mike Metzger, Travis Pastrana, Bob Hannah, Jeff Emig, Ezra Lusk, Ernesto Fonseca, Larry Roeseler, Rick Johnson, David Bailey, Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk, Steve Hatch, Jeff Ward and more. Offer expires October 12, 2007.  For more information check out www.racep2r.com.