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This is a pic I took at Unadilla this year. Not sure what this guy is, but I thought his shirt was pretty cool.  
Jeff Bullock
Toronto, Canada

This is a jersey that I made when I worked for AXO back in 1988 and we were making sets for Jeff Ward to use. This is back when the transfers were still made by JT for everyone to use and we cut the JT logo off and replaced it with the AXO logo. If you notice the collar and cuffs, this was one of the first highly engineered jerseys that wasn't just a 100 percent cotton long sleeve t-shirt.
The plates are the kits we made at Factory Effex for James Stewart that follows what was stated in your MXoN number cruncher. We made the #3  plates for the kit and when RC was hurt at Glen Helen, we scrambled to make the #1 plates for Bubba. I also have the full graphic kit that was used on James' KX450F, but I don't own a Kawasaki so it is stuck in a drawer in the tool box. Enjoy!
Bryan Roberts
Factory Effex

Check out this signed crossbar pad that Bob Hannah used in his second moto at the '87 des Nations at Unadilla. My buddy Trea Purdy and I asked his mechanic (Randy) if we could have it after the second moto; he said sure. We ran up to the fence afterwards and he had it signed for us (we each got one - mine was moto 2 he said, and my buddy Trea got another). Pretty cool, huh? I still have it right here on my desk.

There's more to the story. We happened to be staying in the same hotel that RJ and Hannah's mechanics were parked in to work on their bikes (they could not get their box vans into the underground parking of the rider's hotel, so they just found the next closest, discreet parking lot (around back)). Brian Lunnis and Randy somebody - can't remember his last name. Randy was really cool - he let us up in the box van and opened a toolbox drawer of stickers - to kids it was the holy grail.

2) Lunnis gave us one of RJ's HRC radiator shroud decals (with the American flag below the wing and the HRC).

There are a million stories from that weekend. I still need to get Jeff and RJ to sign these decals someday...
Kevin Gorzny

I have my t-shirt from the 2000 MXdN in France, signed by  Travis.
KC Williams

Danny Chandler portrait with his helmet backwards. Typical Magoo portrait. Magoo being Magoo at 1982 Trophee des Nationes, Gaildorf, Germany. As everywhere, the fans there loved him.
Warren Price

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