O.J. Did not Steal DRD Exhausts

September 20, 2007 7:16am

Norco, CA. (September 19, 2007) – Dubach Racing Development (DRD) is announcing that, to the best of the companies knowledge, O.J. Simpson did not attempt to steal any DRD exhaust systems or autographed Dubach jerseys during the alleged robbery last week in Las Vegas.  Though rumors persist and claims the audio tapes pick up O.J.'s voice demanding, "Just give me my DRD pipe back!", OJ was never part of the DRD testing team and there is no retail record of him purchasing the all-new 2008 DRD Ti/Ti YZ450F ($779.95 MSRP) exhaust. 
That said, if O.J. comes asking for your personal DRD exhaust while free on bail, please accommodate the request and hand it over.  The Next Step would be to call and speak with the DRD Warranty Department, attn: Kato Kaelin, for a complimentary replacement system.