Monster Energy MX Crossover Series Final Concludes @ Glen Helen

BMXer Aaron Cooke and journalist Brendan Lutes ( both take class victories at final round of Monster’s popular celebrity MX event
CORONA, Calif., (Sept. 8, 2007) –  The 2007 Monster Energy MX Crossover Series, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down, came to an exciting conclusion on Friday at Glen Helen Raceway (San Bernardino, Calif.), with BMXer Aaron Cooke and journalist Brendan Lutes ( winning their respective classes.
Cooke also was able to outlast skier K.C. Deane to win the overall Monster Energy MX Crossover Series tile, with fellow BMXer Jimmy Garcia (2nd) and freeskier Gunnar Newquist (3rd) making up the overall series podium. Note: Deane, who won the Hangtown round, suffered a DNF in the first moto on Friday due to mechanical failure.
“Between myself, K.C. and Ian Price (snowboarder), it was a toss up as to who’d take the overall,” said Cooke. “Price and I have had some great battles over the last five summers, but he wasn’t able to make it down to race. So it came down to me and K.C. and I caught a break when he had some bike troubles and I scored the o/a. Thanks again to Monster and the rest of the sponsors (Dunlop, Graphics Lab/Throttle Jockey, Sessions & Spy) for stepping up to put this event on. Great turnout again and everybody had a blast.”
The first moto on Friday received an additional boost when of of the greatest athletes of our generation, Shaun Palmer, rolled in, booted up and kicked his Honda 250 two-stroke out into a commanding lead. But held up in the gate – on purpose – were a couple MX sharks in David Pingree (Racer X) and his equally fast buddy, Brock Sellards. The two were turned loose on the rest of the surfers, skaters, skiers, BMXers, wakeboarders, musicians and journalists running in the same gate in the Java Monster Media Throw Down and made quick work of the field – sans Palmer.
But in the end Palmer would succeed the lead on the last of four laps to Pingree and Sellards, as Sellards went on to catch Pingree late to take 1st. Said Palmer as he took off his “It’s A Good Day To Die”-emblazoned helmet: “I was scared. I’m out of shape and shouldn’t have been riding that fast.” Palmer then split, opting out of the second moto – as did Pingree and Sellards.
The second Monster Energy MX Crossover Series moto was highlighted by the riding of Deane and snocross racer Steve Martin (fresh off arm surgery). The two made up for first-moto issues and went 1-2, with Cooke coming in 3rd. Then joining Cooke (1st) and Martin (2nd) on the overall podium was U.S. Ski Team member Daron Rahlves.
“I think that second moto was the best I’ve ever ridden,” said Rahlves, America’s most successful World Cup speed events (Super G/Dowhnill) skier of all time. “That was an absolute blast.”
Monster Energy Glen Helen Crossover                  Overall Results (w/ Hangtown)
1st Aaron Cooke, BMX                   1st Aaron Cooke, BMX
2nd Steve Martin, Snocross               2nd Jimmy Garcie, BMX
3rd Daron Rahlves, skier                   3rd Gunnar Newquist, skier
4th Gunnar Newquist, skier               4th John Dadak, skier
5th John Dadak, skier                       5th Joey Garcia, BMX
The Java Monster Media Throw Down turned out to be equally exciting as Lutes and Dirt Riders’s Jimmy Lewis went at it hard in both motos with Lutes winning the second moto by several seconds to take the 2-1 win over Lewis’ 1-2 performance.
“This was a lot of fun,” said Lutes. “I haven’t really raced much at all this summer so it felt good to get back out there. I was impressed with the ability level of a lot of these guys who specialize in other sports. It’s cool to see them out here at Glen Helen racing amateurs all week and the Monster event today.”
Java Monster Glen Helen Media Throw Down     Overall Results (w/ Hangtown)
1st Brendan Lutes,   1st Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider
2nd Jimmy Lewis, Dirt Rider             2nd Chris Denison, Dirt Rider
3rd Chris Denison, Dirt Rider            3rd Pete Peterson, Dirt Rider
4th Jesse Ziegler, Dirt Rider              4th Brendan Lutes,
5th Pete Peterson, Dirt Rider            5th Dave Donatoni, Dirt Rider
Other notable athletes competing in the Monster Energy MX Crossover @ Glen Helen included: Josh Sleigh (surfer), Glen Plake (skier), Igor Reoutt (wakeboarder), Ross Robinson (record producer), Dwayne Taylor (BMXer), Jim Rippey (snowboarder), Buster Akrey (musician), Will Lacheuaer (skier), Keith Hutchins (snocross) and Jordan Burns (musician).
Again, a special shout out to Sessions, Spy, Dunlop and Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab for sponsoring the event.