Monster Energy MX Crossover Series This Weekend

Pro snowboarders, skiers, skateboarders, surfers, BMX racers and freestylers and musicians – along with the top industry media members - headline this Friday’s celebrity motocross race event at Glen Helen

CORONA, Calif., (Sept. 5, 2007) –  The second installment of the fun- as-heck 2007 Monster Energy MX Crossover Series, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down is set to go off this Friday, Sept. 7th, to help launch what should prove to be a thoroughly exciting weekend of pro motocross racing at the 2007 Outdoor Nationals motocross series finals at Glen Helen (San Bernardino, Calif.).

Monster Energy, along with several other motocross industry (Dunlop, Throttle Jockey & Spy) and action sports industry sponsors (Sessions & Graphics Lab), in cooperation with host Glen Helen Raceway, presents the third annual Monster Energy MX Crossover Series @ Glen Helen, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down!

“This is going to be an absolute riot,” said extreme ski legend Glen Plake, who will be there – racing and running his trademark mohawk – along with his RSN (Resort Sports Network) program Reel Thrills crew.

“Dirt bikes, gas & gravity in the San Bernardino foothills - it’s a high-flying recipe for all sorts of excitement this weekend at Glen Helen.”

Making up the podium at the first round of the ‘Monster MX Crossover’ this past May at Hangtown were:

Athletes                                           Media

1st K.C. Dean (skier)                                  1st Jimmy 
Lewis (Dirt Rider)

2nd Ian Price (snowboarder)               2nd Chris Denison (Dirt Rider)

3rd Chris Roach (snowboarder)          3rd Dave Donatoni (Dirt Rider)

Though the 40-plus man gate at Glen Helen on Friday will be without both Roach and Price, they’d have been hard-pressed to figure pack into the podium equation with action sports legend Shaun Palmer (former Monster/Hangtown MX Crossover winner), distance runner and former Monster/Glen Helen MX Crossover winner Kevin Barda and snocross racer Steve Martin (former Monster/Hangtown MX Crossover winner) all in the field for Glen Helen. Also, look for a shake up in the Java Monster Media Throw Down as a whole host of industry magazine hot shots are scheduled to show up to challenge the Dirt Rider guys, including Transworld MX’s Donn Maeda, Racer X’s David Pingree and Billy Ursic and’s Brendan Lutes.

Note: The industry guys must be proficient in QuarkXPress 7 in order to qualify for trophies!

“The Monster Energy MX Crossover up in NorCal was a big hit to open the Outdoor Nationals season and we’re expecting the one this weekend at Glen Helen to be just as big,” said John Lee, Sports Marketing Director for Monster Beverage Company. “This event really allows other top-level action sports athletes to showcase their passion for motocross, along with their racing skills. Monster Energy is excited to be part of the event and wishes all the contestants the best of luck in the racing action this Friday.”

2007 Monster Energy MX Crossover Series @ Glen Helen, featuring the Java Monster Media Throw Down roster!

Name                                   Sport

Steve  Martin                        (Snowmobile)

Will Lachenauer                    (Skier)

Dwayne Taylor                     (BMX)

Igor Reoutt                          (Wake)

Daron Rahlves                     (Skier)

John Dadak                         (Skier)

Joey Garcia                          (BMX)

Jimmy Garcia               (BMX)

Gunnar Newquist                  (Skier)

K.C. Deane                           (Skier)

Shaun Palmer                        (Skateboard)

Trace Schroeder                  (Tele Skier)

Matt Goodwill                       (Snowboard)

Keith Hutchins                      (Snowmobile)

Aaron Cooke                        (BMX)

Allan Cooke                        (BMX)

Heather Pinter                      (BMX)

Josh Sleigh                   (Surfer)

Jim Moran                           (Snowboard)

Kevin Barda                          (Runner)

Buster Akrey                         (Musician)

Ross Robinson                      (Musician)

Jim Rippey                   (Snowboard)

Cooper Hall                           (Snowboard)

Sam Shallow                         (Skier)

Jordan Burns                         (Musician)

Kyle Krause                          (Barefoot Skier)

Glen Plake                            (Skier)

As previously mentioned, in addition to the action sports athletes that will be racing Friday (Sept. 7) at Glen Helen, Monster Energy is also promoting it’s new supercharged premium coffee & cream through the inaugural Java Monster Media Throw Down, featuring many of your favorite editorial staff members from the industry’s top magazines and web sites. The Monster Energy VIP rig located in the pro pits will also host an autograph session with all the participating athletes signing special editions 2007 Monster Energy MX Crossover Series posters – free of charge!

Media                          Magazine

Donn Maeda                         TWMX

David Pingree                       RX

Billy Ursic                               RX

Zapata Espinoza                   MXA

Brendan Lutes            

Jimmy Lewis                        DR

Chris Denison                       DR

Pete Peterson                        DR

Dave Donatoni                     DR

Jesse Ziegler                         DR

Sean Finley                           DR

Again, a special shout out to Sessions, Spy Optic, Dunlop and Throttle Jockey/Graphics Lab for sponsoring the event.