Number Cruncher Redux: #8


Last week we crunched #8 in the Shift Number Cruncher. Here are a few more...

Giuseppe Andreani

Giuseppe Andreani in MX  world championship 125cc in 1984. He rode Aprilia.

Hakan Carlqvist

Hakan Carlqvist in 500cc MX world championship. He wins Namur in this picture.

Werner Dewit

r Dewit in 1996 250cc MX world championship. Phot by

Gert van Doorn

Gert van Doorn in 2001 500cc MX world championship. He rode VOR. ( )

Doug Henry

Doug Henry in 1994.

Rob Herring

Rob Herring in 1986 MXdN.


Kervella in 1996 250cc MX world championship.

Mickael Maschio

Mickael Maschio in 1999 MX world championship.

Tallon Vohland

Tallon Vohland in 1995 250cc MX world championship. He rode for Jan de Groot's Kawasaki team.

Daniele Sinatra 

I had #8 in 1997 in French Championship where I got 2nd in MX behind Fred Vialle and won the 125 SX championship!

David Vuillemin

David Vuillemin

photo: Boudet