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Hey Ping, I have a question for you. What is your take on guys like Windham and Reed whining about the grueling schedule that they have? I mean come on they are riding motorcycles for a living and whining about it. How long would these guys last if they had a real job? You know, one that you have to be there on time, do what your told and have a two-week paid vacation if you’re lucky. Didn’t their parents sacrifice a ton of time and money to get them where they are to be living a dream making a living racing motorcycles? Give me a friggin break. If you don’t like what you are doing guys, please don’t whine about it to the press, it makes you and the sport look bad.
Thanks, Dion   Covina, CA

Dear Dion,

I’ve got to take their side on this. Consider this: back in the day there only used to be a handful of Supercross races and a shorter motocross series. There was no US Open, McGrath Invitational, X Games or World Supercross rounds in Canada in December. The 450 guys are riding year-round now. There is honestly not any time off for them anymore. As soon as the last round of the nationals ends at Glen Helen they are at the supercross tracks testing for the U.S. Open. And if you get picked to race the Motocross of Nations then you really don’t have any time. That rolls right into the World rounds and that turns into the opener in January. Sure, they are doing what they love but don’t discount the pressure of racing, especially in today’s high-dollar version of the sport. Trust me; two weeks paid vacation would sound pretty good to most of the top 450 riders. And consider that doing something as dangerous as racing motorcycles takes an emotional toll, if not a physical one, on these guys as well. Yes, their parents sacrificed plenty to get them there but remember that they sacrificed much of their youth as well. I’m sure none of them would trade it for the world but try putting yourself in their boots before you judge.



I loved when you did the announcing for the Nationals on TV.  Fro does an okay job.  But he seems like he’s always trying to remind the viewers that he was a champion at one time too.  Even with the great racing we’ve had this year I can honestly say that I haven’t enjoyed this season as much since you’ve been off the mic. 

I’m just wondering what happened.  Are you hard at work with the Supermoto thing or the Mag or what?  Anyway, we miss your funny comments.


Dear Brandon,

Ping helps out with the Racer X Motocross Show on

photo: Matt Ware

I had a blast doing the commentating for the motocross and supermoto nationals last year and I hope to be able to do it again someday. But, the decision wasn’t really mine. SPEED and Live Nation made the calls about who would be behind the mic this year. It actually worked out fine because I’ve been too busy with supermoto and the magazine to add anything else to my schedule. Personally, I miss Art Eckman and David Bailey. Over the years those guys just grew on me like they were E Coli and I was room temperature Canadian beef. You know what I mean? Sure, Art’s breath smelled like an airport smoking room with a bag of rotting garbage in the corner, but dammit, you just can’t beat his enthusiasm. And Bailey called it like he saw it and everyone respected his opinion. If you want a different view, try checking out the Racer X Motocross Show on Jason Weigandt hosts with various guests, me included, at every round. We have a pre-show on Saturday and a post-show on Monday morning. It is very Sport Center-ish and really cool.
P.S.- Did you know Jeff Emig was the 1997 SX and MX champion?


Ping-Is it true you're the Grandfather of the Supercross only deal for the 125/Lite's class?  And also who would win in a outdoor moto, you in your prime circa 1995 or Josh Hansen ? Thanks  Moto-frog

Dear Moto Frog,

The Godfather of Lites SX-only contracts.

photo: Steve Bruhn

I prefer to consider myself as the Godfather, not the grandfather, of the Lites Supercross-only contract. My agreement with KTM was for Supercross only in 2002. At the time I just wasn’t having fun going to the nationals anymore. I was getting my butt kicked every weekend and it’s difficult to get excited about racing for tenth place. The problem was that I didn’t have any plans for the summer. I was bored out of mind within three weeks and I ended up riding for the Plano Honda team for free. Nowadays, if a rider doesn’t want to race the nationals he could just find a supermoto ride (like Chris Gosselaar and others are doing next year) or even just line up a bunch of supercross races overseas during the summer to keep racing. I don’t regret my decision because I would rather stay home than tussle for a mid-pack finish every weekend. I just wish I would have had more options.
And, for the record, I would’ve kick Josh Hansen’s ass nine ways to Sunday at a national motocross race. Sorry, Hanny.


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