Things To Do In...Freestone

The penultimate round of the 2007 AMA Toyota Motocross Championship presented by FMF takes us on a maiden voyage to Freestone County Raceway in Wortham, Texas. The Tony Miller-promoted facility is a mystery to many of us, and we’re all anxious to find out what it’s like come Sunday. It was also tough rounding up some “Things To Do…” for this particular event, since we’ve never been there, but we tried our best. Check these out. For more information on Freestone County Raceway, visit Also, tickets are on sale right now here.

On the way in from Dallas to Freestone there is a pretty groovy Drive-In theater. It’s in Garrett, TX. (By the way, a Drive-In theater is a large field where you park your car and watch a movie on a giant screen—much bigger than the ones in the headrests or dash of your SUV.)

Texas Rangers Museum

Okay, some may remember Waco, TX as the site of the Camp Davidians and David Koresh and the April ’93 showdown with the ATF/FBI that ended in flames and controversy…. But Waco is also the home of a museum for the Texas Rangers (not the baseball tea, but the real ones—the ones with badges and six-shooters).

Dr. Pepper Museum

How’s this for a sales pitch: “Paris has the Louvre; New York has the Guggenheim; Waco has the Dr. Pepper…. Belching is not encouraged; we are a museum, after all.”  That’s a gotta-go right there! It’s also in Waco.

Downtown Wortham Arts and Crafts Fair this weekend

Fairfield has Shopping on the Square

Corsicana has Collins Street Bakery - old-time bakery open since 1850s

Ping had this to offer:
Freestone County has a few wineries, a museum and some other ho-hum points of interest. But the plain truth is that there isn't much to do in Freestone. You are going to have to make the drive to Dallas/Fort Worth for some real entertainment or night life. And there's no better place to lose a limb in Texas than Billy Bob's, the bar with a bull riding arena inside it. Since Billy Bob's opened its doors in 1981, country-music fans and tourists have flocked to this legendary honky-tonk. The barbecue restaurant, the Let'er Buck Saloon, bull-riding shows and gaming areas also help make this a popular destination. But the real attraction are the patrons that stuff themselves into Wrangler jeans and wear unreasonably large belt buckles for no particular reason. Just mention the buckles with a sarcastic tone and you'll be on your way to a larger than life Texas brawl in the parking lot. Good times. If you aren't maimed by a broken beer bottle or the heel of a cowboy boot then head back inside and finish the job on a big, stinking Brahma bull.

Billy Bob’s

A tip from reader Jeremy Duddlesten:

"20 miles to the east of Wortham is a town called Fairfield right off the interstate. Sam’s Restaurant has buffet-style eating and they have the best chicken fried steak and catfish you will find in Texas."

And since the track is an hour south of Dallas, here are some Things To Do In…Dallas.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

This museum is heavy-duty, says DC. That’s the spot from where Lee Harvey Oswald used a high-power rifle to shoot U.S. President John F. Kennedy as his motorcade drove by on the street below on November 22, 1963. There have been countless books and movies about whether Oswald acted alone or was the “patsy” for a bigger conspiracy. Even a recent issue of Rolling Stone with Led Zeppelin on the cover includes a theory that the CIA and a man named Howard Hunt were somehow involved. If you like American History, this is a special place.

Go head-to-head against your friends in 300-horsepower dragsters. You’ll fire from the line, shifting and accelerating your way from 0-70 MPH in 3.5 heart-pounding seconds!

All the thrills of racing an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster, plus head-to-head competition. That’s right, six heart-stopping, propane-fueled, 300 horsepower racing machines that go 0-70 in less than 3.5 seconds and pull 2.5 G-forces. The trick is to be on the accelerator when the third yellow light goes out. If you wait to see the green light, you’re toast.

BMX Supernationals

AFI Film Festival

Dallas Arts District

Dave & Busters (popular Saturday hangout before the supercross)

Fort Worth

Sundance Square Entertainment and Shopping District

Fort Worth Zoo

Kimbell Art Museum

Texas Motor Speedway

Southfork Ranch

This is based on the 1980s evening soap called “Dallas,” and it featured some ex-astronaut as J.R. Ewing (okay, Larry Hagman only played an astronaut on TV in “I Dream of Jeannie”). Regardless, if you have time, take your mom there—she probably knows all about it.

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