AXO Rider Support

AXO America is in the process of accepting rider support resumes for the 2008 race season starting September 1st through December 31 2007. Resumes can be forwarded to our in-house rider support department for our review. We have made it easy with three ways for you to contact us below. Riders can also log on to MXSPONSOR.COM 

AXO was established in 1978 and immediately became industry leader in footwear, clothing and protective apparel for motorcycle enthusiasts. Initially focused on the off-road, AXO quickly broadened its range of products. Today AXO provides its customers with a full set of gear from head-to-toe for street and motocross riding. Axo’s range of products is constantly evolving; new and innovative items are developed daily, to suit the needs and ever-changing tastes in the motorcycle apparel market. Super-moto and free-style are a big part of Axo’s priorities not to mention the casual collection, which suits motorcycle lovers when off the bike. We wish all racers a very successful 2008 season.


AXO Sport America
Rider Support Department
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