DMXS Tonight


Grant Langston came out of Steel City with an overall win and a small points lead with only two rounds remaining. He can never seem to just cruise to a championship with a huge cushion, but those hard-fought battles will certainly be an advantage for the veteran as the series winds down. GL will join us from the MX epicenter in Florida.

Jeff Emig always seems to make the headlines even though the popular champion has officially retired. He has done a great job in the booth for SX and MX on SPEED, but will find himself back on the track for the Former Champion Rematch at the U.S. Open in October against his former rivals Huffman, and LaRocco. Although guaranteed a podium spot, you can bet these guys will be gunning for the top step with a lot of pride on the line. Fro will join us in the studio tonight and says he has some things to get off his chest. He is not one to go softly so it should be entertaining.

Josh Hill will be aboard the Factory Yamaha 450 for the remainder of the outdoor season to regain some momentum and hopefully put a blue bike between Langston and his competitors. Josh has been out riding with Reed at Perris today as he prepares for the virgin track in Texas this weekend.

Broc Hepler was set to dominate the Steel City race again this year and everything was going according to plan until the bike failed to restart after 4,297 kicks. Even though the weekend’s results did not show his speed, it was great to see the Hulk back up front. We love this kid and welcome him back on tonight for some restarting tips.

Gavin Gracyk does not take kindly to being called a cheater and has thrown down the gauntlet for those who have the balls to call him out publicly. Every season a privateer steps up and through hard work and determination makes his way to the top. This year Gavin has shown great resolve and consistency but his results have some crying foul. He will be on tonight to recap his season and address his critics directly.

Jason Weigandt is adorned by many but we have enough dirt on him to secure his appearance on this show for at least 20 years. We will call in a chip tonight and hopefully catch him in the finals of karaoke from somewhere in Morgantown, WV.

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