Number Cruncher Redux: #20


A little trivia for you. I was #20 in 1987. Private Pro Circuit Honda, one race--Anaheim SX. I didn't make the main, so I went to Spain to race the Spanish National Championships on a KTM. I won some races then came home for vacation and RETIRED....
Scott Burnworth

From Scott Wallenberg:

1969 Inter-Am 500cc Gary Bailey Greeves
1971 Trans-Ama 500cc Adolf Weil Maico
1974 Inter-AMA 250 cc Rich Eierstedt Team Honda
1978 Trans-AMA 500cc Rich Eierstedt Team Can-Am

Rich Eierstedt

Thought I’d send over a few #20s. The FOX ad is “THE BOMBER” Mark Barnett sporting 20 on a 125 at the USGP, along with pics of the original FOX team.

#20 on Team Honda is Rich Eierstedt, along with then teammates #36 Rocket Rex Staten, and Gassin Gaylon Mosier #208.

Rick Conley

How about Team Bultaco's Kenny Zhart or Team Honda's Rich Eierstedt?

Keith Barrona