Letter From Ryan Dungey


Hello again. It’s me, Ryan Dungey, the guy that rides the #62 Makita Suzuki. Just kidding. I haven’t written in a while and thought I’d take some time to update everyone on what’s been going on this summer.

I’m writing this from Oregon, where Nike has organized a week of activities for all of their Nike 6.0 athletes. Its pretty cool and their “campus,” as they call their corporate headquarters, are unbelievable. I’ve gotten to meet a lot of people this week and it’s pretty amazing to see the inner workings of such a huge company!

I can’t believe my first season is almost over. It seems like not long ago I was getting ready to ride Steel City for the first time … but that was already a year ago! Unbelievable!!!

I feel like I’ve come pretty far in a year’s time, but at the same time, I’ve also learned that I have so much further to go. Some say you learn more in defeat than you do in victory. Well, using my first full season as an example, I can say I have experienced both (the Orlando crash out to Detroit win). I continue to find lessons to be learned.

This summer’s series has been another of part of this learning process. While I’ve had my share of podium finishes, I have probably learned more from my mistakes than I have from my successes. The Lites class has so much talent and depth that you have to be at the top of your game each weekend, both mentally and physically. Ryan and Ben have raised the bar for the rest of us.

I recently teamed up with Johnny O’Mara to help me with my racing program. He knows so much about what it takes to be a champion in this sport. We clicked immediately and only hope to be a perfect pupil. I feel honored to work with Johnny. We not only talk about training and riding, but we talk a lot about the mental side of things and how much mental strength plays into our sport. I love what I do and working with Johnny brings me closer to my sport and all that it has to offer.

With three races remaining, my goal will be to make up some of the points I gave up earlier in the summer and to improve on my results at these races last year. I want to close the season with some momentum and jump into my off season program (after a couple weeks off I HOPE!) to get ready for next year.

Right now, my plans are to compete at the US Open (for the first time as a pro!) and then to  jump right into getting ready to compete in West Supercross series. I’ll find some off time in between, but for now, my focus in racing, 110%! But I do get some fun and family time back home in Minnesota, so I’m pretty much right where I want to be!

Lastly, I want to thank Steve Hudson for taking care of racers on Sunday mornings. Traveling to all of these races, my family would miss church services, and if it weren’t for Steve’s efforts, something very important would be missing. Thanks Steve!

A big thanks to all my fans, the media and to my sponsors who allow me to live a dream!

God Bless!