2007 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations Entry List



FUNCHAL, 24 August 2007 – 33 teams have entered in the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations which will be held on the 22nd and 23rd September in Budds Creek, Maryland, USA.  This unique event is the only occasion for fans to see the best riders on the planet compete together in teams.  

Amongst the 99 world class riders, Carmichael, Villopoto, Ferry, Ramon, Strijbos, De Dycker, Coppins, Townley, Cairoli, Philippaerts, Pourcel, Searle, Mackenzie, Langston, Barragan, Leok, Reed, McFarlane and Bill will be fiercely battling to take home the most exclusive trophy in the world.  

After the magnificent 2006 edition of the FIM Motocross of Nations in England, the 2007 event looks like it’s going to be really special.  Having 33 teams enter is extraordinary, and the pre-selling of tickets and camping is even higher than the same time last year, everyone’s going to love it.  The media interest is exploding all magazines and the television coverage will be more than ever, more than 150 countries will be covered. 

The Budds Creek (organizer), AMA, FIM and Youthstream are working tightly to make an extraordinary event which will stay in the history of Motocross. 

Giuseppe Luongo, the President of Youthstream, said, “Everybody loves the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations, and there’s no question why; having the best riders from all over the world racing together, having the hottest fans all together, having the most prestigious title being fought after and it’s the last race of the season, these are the perfect ingredients for the best race of the year and this race will be just that.  I’m looking forward to it and I’m sure you all are too.  I wish the teams great racing and the fans a great weekend.”

Youthstream thanks all the National Federations who have entered in the MXON, RED BULL as title sponsor of the event, KTM, FOX and all other sponsors supporting the MXON, media, and especially the American press who have made very big efforts in promoting this event, and to all the fans who have shown such big interest in the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations.

“I am very satisfied with the high number of entries”, says Dr. Wolfgang Srb, FIM/CMS President, “It proves that the Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations is the most important race of the year. I trust that Budds Creek and AMA will do what they can to produce an outstanding event that will be remembered for a long time.”


United States   DE COSTER Roger
3 FERRY Tim       Open KAWASAKI 450      

Belgium     SMETS Joël  
4 RAMON Steve     MX1 SUZUKI 450           
6 DE DYCKER Ken  Open HONDA 450  

New Zealand     BURLING Russell
7 COPPINS Joshua  MX1 YAMAHA 450 
8 TOWNLEY Benjamin MX2 KAWASAKI 250 
9 COOPER Cody  Open HONDA 450 

Italy     BARTOLINI Andrea
11 CAIROLI Antonio MX2 YAMAHA 250  
12 GUARNERI Davide Open YAMAHA 450    

France     ROBERT Olivier
13 POURCEL Sébastien MX1 KAWASAKI 450 
14 AUBIN Nicolas MX2 YAMAHA 250   
15 RENET Pierre-Alexandre  Open HONDA 450   
Great Britain      EASTWOOD Mark  
17 SEARLE Tommy    MX2 KTM 250     
18 NOBLE James     Open HONDA 450         
South Africa      ALBERTYN Greg  
19 LANGSTON Grant  MX1 YAMAHA 450      
21 AVIS Wyatt      Open KTM 450         

Spain     VALLE Rafael   
22 BARRAGAN Jonathan MX1 KTM 450 
23 CAMPANO Carlos  MX2 YAMAHA 250 
24 LOZANO Alvaro   Open KTM 525         

Estonia     LAJAL Mart   
25 LEOK Tanel      MX1 KAWASAKI 450   
26 KRESTINOV Gert  MX2 KTM 250         
27 LEOK Aigar      Open YAMAHA 450  

Australia      BENN Gary    
31 REED Chad       MX1 YAMAHA 450        
32 McFARLANE Andrew MX2 SUZUKI 250      
33 BYRNE Michael   Open SUZUKI 450     

Japan      WATANBE Seita  
34 NARITA Akira    MX1 YAMAHA 450      \
35 MASUDA Kazumasa MX2 HONDA 250 
36 ATSUTA Yoshitaka        Open HONDA 450    

Germany      NOACK Olaf 
38 SCHRÖTER Dennis MX2 SUZUKI 250   
39 SCHIFFER Marcus Open KTM 450         

Portugal      BASTOS Hugo  
40 GONCALVES Paulo MX1 HONDA 450         
41 GONCALVES Rui   MX2 KTM 250         
42 RODRIGUES Joaquim      Open KTM 450         
Czech Republic      TOMAN Josef  
46 CEPELAK Jiri    MX1 KTM 450   
47 BRABEC Jan      MX2 HONDA 250   
48 KADLECEK Michal Open HONDA 450   
Switzerland      ZEUGIN Marius  
49 BILL Julien     MX1 HONDA 450       
50 TONUS Arnaud    MX2 KTM 250         
51 RISTORI Marc    Open HONDA 450   

Canada      BASTEDO Carl   
52 ROY Jean-Sébastien      MX1 YAMAHA 450      
53 FACCIOTTI Colton        MX2 YAMAHA 250     
54 MORGAN Blair    Open YAMAHA 450    

Sweden      BRUNZELL Mikael
55 WING Jonas      MX1 KTM 450 
56 KARLSSON Fredrik MX2 YAMAHA 250 
57 HULTMAN Thomas  Open HONDA 450   
Latvia      GERMANIS Ivo  
73 KEMPELIS Filips MX1 HONDA 450        
74 STEINBERGS Ivo  MX2 HONDA 250    
75 FREIBERGS Lauris        Open YAMAHA 450 
Hungary      CVICK Istvan  
76 NEMETH Kornel   MX1 SUZUKI 450       
77 SZVOBODA Bence  MX2 KTM 250         
78 CZUNI Laszlo    Open HONDA 450     
Croatia      JAROS Zlatko   
85 LELJAK Marco    MX1 KTM 450 
86 LOVAKOVIC Mirko MX2 YAMAHA 250      
87 SIPEK Nenad     Open YAMAHA 480      
China      PENG Liang 
88 SHI Le  MX1      
89 SHI Yu Meng MX2  
90 SU Wenmin       Open  

Chile      ANDRIS Kelly  
101 ISRAEL Jeremias MX1 HONDA 450        
102 ISRAEL Vicente  MX2 HONDA 250    
103 ISRAEL Benjamin Open HONDA 450    
Puerto Rico      CATALA Gabriel 
104 APONTE Gino     MX1 YAMAHA 450      
105 GIEGER Tarah    MX2 YAMAHA 250   
106 RUIZ Christian  Open SUZUKI 450  

Guatemala      MORALES Ovidio 
107 MEDRANO Antonio MX1 YAMAHA 450      
108 GANDARA Gerardo MX2 KTM 250         
109 RODRIGUEZ Fabian        Open HONDA 450   

Iceland      ASGEIRSSON Hakon 
110 THORDARSON Valdimar MX1 YAMAHA 450      
111 OMARSSON Aron   MX2 KTM 250         
112 SIGURDARSON Einar   Open KTM 477         
Ireland      RUSSELL Stephen
113 CROCKARD Gordon MX1 HONDA 450       
114 BARR Martin     MX2 YAMAHA 250    
115 GARRETT Wayne   Open KTM 450         
Dominican Republic      CABA Aiban 
116 ROJAS Henry     MX1 SUZUKI 450          
117 MEJIA Raynear   MX2 HONDA 250     
118 TORIBIO Pablo   Open HONDA 450       
Costa Rica      AKIN Chuck
119 CHAKON David    MX1 KAWASAKI 450       
120 CASTRO Roberto  MX2 KAWASAKI 250   
121 MORA Johan      Open KAWASAKI 450  
Bulgaria      KUMANOV Kuman
122 KUMANOV Nikolay MX1 KAWASAKI 450   
123 KOLEV Nikoly    MX2 SUZUKI 250     
124 TONCHEV Rosen   Open KTM 480         
Ecuador      MALO Andres    
125 BENENAULA Andres   MX1 YAMAHA 450   
126 DAVALOS Martin  MX2 KTM 250      
127 SALAZAR Jetro   Open KAWASAKI 250  

Ukraine     PASCHYNSKIY Sergiy
128 ONYPCHENKO Sergiy  MX1 HONDA 450  129 PASCHYNSKIY Oleksandr MX2 KTM 250         
130 MOROZOV Roman   Open KTM 505         

Venezuela      SORONDO Ramon
131 SANDOVAL Michel MX1 YAMAHA 450        
132 MARTIN Humberto MX2 YAMAHA 250    
133 MACIA Fernando  Open YAMAHA 450  
Mexico      ESPANA Nicolas 
134 GARCIA Martin   MX1 HONDA 450       
135 MENDOZA Diego   MX2 HONDA 250     
136 REYES Rene      Open HONDA 450 

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