5 Minutes With ... Kevin Strijbos

Kevin Strijbos is proving to all the doubters that he is in fact serious about his racing. Having won his third race this season at the Grand Prix of Northern Ireland last weekend, the Suzuki factory rider can look at being the big favorite going into the final two rounds of the 2007 MX1 championship. Strijbos knows that it takes hard work and dedication to win in the MX1 class and he feels he is the rider to beat at the moment.
Racer X: How did you feel in Northern Ireland? You looked very strong.
Kevin Strijbos: I felt good. You know, the last few weeks I have been in good form, even the last Grand Prix (in Namur) I was the fastest, but I didn't have much luck. I rode good here. The first moto was difficult because I got arm pump and had to slow down, but the second moto I was not tired and my arms were good and I had some good laps and good lines.
Is there any feeling of reward because you are beating Steve (Ramon) easily? He will stay with Suzuki in 2008 and he is fighting for the title, but you are showing much better speed.
That is finished with Suzuki the bad feelings about his being dropped from the team). I just want to do well for Luke my mechanic and for myself. My mechanic is working really hard and I am sad that I have to leave him.
How was the track? We got a lot of rain, but on Sunday morning it looked really good for racing.
The first moto was good; the mud was gone from the racing lines, they did a good job in taking the mud away and also making the jumps a little lower, and that made is easier for the riders. 
What about the championship race, it's really turned a little weird with Josh missing the last two rounds. How do you feel about it?
It's strange, I mean first it was me out injured, then it was Josh out injured. It is sad for him because he was the strongest guy; for me I wanted him to win the championship because he earned it. I hope he can ride in England and Lierop. Looking at Steve, he had a bad time in Ireland, he got some okay results, but he really did it the hard way. He doesn't look nervous, but he looks wild on the track. I don't know how he feels.
Do you think about your injury and missed chance to race for the championship?
I do think about the fact I got injured, but that is racing, and maybe if I didn't get injured then Josh also didn't, so it's just not my year. I want to think about next year and see what is happening. I am riding better than ever. After Japan I didn't feel good, but before Loket I felt good and since winning that Grand Prix everything is going well. I feel fit and I am not tired after two motos.
Four GP wins in your career and maybe a couple more in England and Holland, then the Motocross of Nations. You want to finish the year on a high in America?
I won in Loket in 2005 and then three this year, so I have four GP wins so far, that's great, but I want more. As for the MXoN, I have not had a 250 yet for training for the des Nations. I want to finish the season strong, win the last two GPs and then go to America. I have a bike from America and I think I can do okay over there.