Lend Injured Rider Chris Blais a Hand

You may have already heard that on Sunday, August 8, 2007, while pre-running for the Nevada 1000, Red Bull KTM Dakar rally veteran Chris Blais was badly injured. Studying the course that runs from Las Vegas to Reno, while racing along in the slit beds of Tonopah, Nevada, Chris and his KTM slapped a large square-edged hole, collapsed the suspension, and both rider and bike were sent some 50-feet before Chris was jettisoned. Blais was sent tumbling badly before finally settling. The crash shattered Blais’ T-7 vertebra and broke his collarbone. As dire as the situation was, fortunately, Baja legend Johnny Campbell was one the scene and waited it out with Chris until a helicopter could transport him to a hospital in Reno. Blais went under surgery that night where surgeons fused his vertebra and inserted two rods in his back. Soon after, Chris was transferred to the Loma Linda University Medical Center. He is now there dealing with further treatment and rehabilitation. It’s too early to tell how serious, extensive and permanent Chris’ injuries are, but one thing is for certain: Chris, with the help and support of his wife Patty, has a long journey ahead of him. In the days, weeks and months to come, Chris will need help, support and well wishes. To help Chris and his wife fend off medical and rehabilitation costs, THE CHRIS BLAIS MEDICAL FUND has been created. To help a brother out, take a look at the information below. We all ride and we all love motorcycles, so try and dig deep and throw some help Chris’ way. He’d do the same for you.

Help Chris Blais. Donate Today.

Bank of America account number: 5010-0050-3860

In trust for: Chris Blais Medical Fund

9Account opened by Patty A. Moore-Blais)

Routing Number: 122400724

Deposits can be made by cash or check. Deposits can also be made by phone if doner’s bank account allows electronic transfers.

For information about Chris Blais or the Chris Blais medical Fund, contact Scott Cox @ (760) 436-3711 – Dakar@resmarket.com