DMXS Tonight


Timmy Ferry’s "comeback" keeps on coming back, baby. He is tied for first with Andrew Short with only three rounds to go, and looks like he will ride for his injured teammate in the Motocross of Nations. Most fans know of Red Dog’s roller coaster ride back to a factory gig, and pull for the popular Floridian during his recent accent. He will share a bit of his "date night" with us this evening. (Thanks for sharing, Evie!)

DMXS is a huge fan of amateur motocross, and we eagerly await the year-end showdowns that inevitably go down at Loretta Lynn’s every year. The fans were treated to some of the best racing we have seen in a while with the next crop of up and coming kids. Trey Canard walked away with the Horizon Award and some well-earned championships after battling against Stroupe and Izzi. That celebration was short-lived as Trey lined up at Millville and showed the rest of the sport what amateur fans already knew. After a crash and disappointing 39th in his first moto, Trey proceeded to holeshot the second moto and finish just off the podium behind the Lites-class elite. Quite a rookie debut, but the Factory Connection rider is right where he belongs and will break down Millville with us tonight.

David Pingree could not even get credentials for the X Games last year but walked away with a Bronze in Supermoto this year. He immediately changed his phone number and started talking in the third person, but we finally got a hold of his new agent and set up this interview. Ping will give us a behind-the-scenes look at X as only he can.

I had a ton of David Bailey posters on my wall when I was a kid, and even though RJ was the new stud, I still always pulled for the Little Professor. After his injury I remember not wanting to ride for a while and kept wondering when he would be back on the bike. That ignorance of spinal cord injuries in still rampant where most people think you can rehab your way back. The simple truth is there is no cure, but research has never been more promising to find one. David wanted to set the record straight on where he stands on the latest news and efforts toward that ultimate goal. Donovan Mitchell and James Marshall are going through some really tough times, as is our good friend, OCScottie. Keep them in your prayers.

There were many highlights at Loretta’s this year, but for me watching our buddy Kevin Walker win his record-breaking titles took the cake. He and his wife Tracie represent all that is good in our sport. We are honored to have him on tonight even though he won’t want us to make a big deal about it.

Nine-time Loretta Lynn’s Champion Kevin Foley will join us tonight as well. Kevin has organized the Race 4 Rett as a fundraiser to help bring awareness to Rett Syndrome. Kevin’s daughter suffers from this neuro-developmental disease. They raised more than $30,000 last year for the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation in just their first year. Kevin will give us an update on their progress and a little bench-racing too. Check out for more information or to donate.

Toyota continues to set the standard in their support and sponsorship of our beloved sport. They are not just showing up at Anaheim and hanging out with Pamela Anderson and Matt LeBlanc either. They are nurturing the sport from the grassroots up and their Toyota-sponsored ride out of Loretta’s is fast becoming one of the most coveted gigs for kids moving up. The competition was close this year, but Wil Hahn won the 2008 Toyota-sponsored Pro ride and has earned himself a spot on the Lucas Oil Star Racing Yamaha team. Hahn will join us and put this next career move in perspective as he joins his brother in the pro ranks next year.

Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST