Racer X Holeshot Award

August 14, 2007 6:19am

Millville’s Spring Creek Raceway is home to the second longest start straight in American motocross (Glen Helen is longest of all) so horsepower came in handy when it came to grabbing the Racer X and Moto-Tees Holeshot Awards. The photos here are by Carl “Heavy Metal” Stone, the holeshot line by our special guest chalk-line engineer Karen Myron. 

Lites - Moto 1

In the first Lites moto, it was no surprise to see the Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki KX250Fs of Ben Townley and Ryan Villopoto out front at the start, with Townley—in his first visit to Millville—securing the holeshot. He would lead briefly, only to be passed in the whoops by Villopoto, but he would get him back later on when RV1 allowed him past as he tried to figure out where his teammate was gaining more time.

Lites - Moto 2

The second moto saw something of a surprise when Sobe No Fear/Samsung Honda rider Trey Canard, who crashed out of the first moto, blast across the line first to secure the Racer X Holeshot Award on the #140 bike. A couple of Kawasakis—Townley and Brett Metcalfe—were right behind him. “Ice” Trey would card a solid fourth in the second moto to salvage 11th overall in his first-ever pro race.

AMA Motocross - Moto 1

Another Sobe No Fear/Samsung Honda led the start of the first AMA Motocross moto, as Kevin Windham gained a $250 bonus from Moto-Tees for his great start. But K-Dub was off his game all day, and a breakdown in the second moto before the red flag came out left him with zero points.

AMA Motocross - Red Flag

Speaking of the red flag, here’s the holeshot that Ricky Carmichael scored in what everyone thought would be his last time off the starting gate in AMA Toyota Motocross. But when David Vuillemin crashed and was used for traction by a couple of 450 riders following very closely, the red flag came out, dashing RC’s $250 bonus—which he probably really needed!

AMA Motocross - Moto 2

Just kidding. Someone who really could use the $250—privateer hero Gavin Gracyk—somehow scored the Moto-Tees’ holeshot from the far outside, sweeping past title contender Mike Alessi to grab himself the bonus. Carmichael would come through for the win, so all in all, it was win-win for everyone….

Well, for everyone but our good friend David Vuillemin, who would end up spending the night in a Rochester, MN hospital and missing his daughter Charlotte’s fourth birthday. Here’s an update on his condition. Get well soon, DV12,  joyeux anniversaire, Charlotte!

2007 Holeshots

Hangtown Holeshots
Moto 1: Josh Grant    Moto 2: Ben Townley
AMA Motocross:
Moto 1: James Stewart    Moto 2: Davi Millsaps

High Point Holeshots
Moto 1: Ryan Dungey    Moto 2: Josh Grant
AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Davi Millsaps    Moto 2: Davi Millsaps 

Southwick Holeshots

Moto 1: Ryan Villopoto   Moto 2: Ryan Dungey 

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart   Moto 2: Ricky Carmichael

Budds Creek Holeshots

Moto 1: Josh Grant       Moto 2: Ryan Villopoto

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart Moto 2: James Stewart

RedBud Holeshots

Moto 1: Josh Grant        Moto 2: Ben Townley

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Mike Alessi        Moto 2: Mike Alessi

Unadilla Holeshots

Moto 1: Ryan Dungey Moto 2: Ryan Villopoto

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: Mike Alessi Moto 2: Davi Millsaps

Washougal Holeshots

Moto 1: Ryan Dungey Moto 2: Ryan Dungey

AMA Motocross
Moto 1: James Stewart Moto 2: Kevin Windham